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fruitarian Why become a fruitarian?

Last updated on April 26, 2011 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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If you're already vegetarian (either full- or part-time!), your reasons for becoming vegetarian make a good starting point for the fruit plunge.

Why vegetarian? Generally there are two major reasons: first, you don't like killing animals. And second, you believe that a vegetarian diet is lighter and healthier.

So also with fruit, only more so.

As a vegetarian you won't be killing animals, birds, fishes insects or humans for your dinner. But you probably will be killing a cabbage, or a lettuce, or a stick of celery. Hey, just a minute, I hear you cry in lightly concealed anguish. Self-masochism can go too far! I'm already a vegetarian and that's quite virtuous enough for one incarnation.

OK. Let's take another tack. Consider fruit for a moment. What is it exactly? The answer is that fruit is a tasty, delicious, nutritious substance offered to you, yes offered to you by a plant or tree. You don't have to kill anything or anybody. You don't have to take a leaf or a branch which doesn't kill but surely hurts. You don't have to ask, or apologize. In fact it's the plant or tree which does the asking, and you are doing it a favor. Why? The fruit is not tasty and delicious and nutritious and appealing for no reason; it's a cunning plot to attract animals and humans, anything that can move (which of course a tree or plant cannot). Why? The plant wants us 'mobiles' to take the fruit as a reward for spreading its seeds which are located within the fruit. When we eat fruit we are truly 'working with nature'. The fruit is nutritious so that we will be tempted to eat it.

fruitarian Eating fruits involves neither killing nor maiming. We are working with the trees and plants in acts of mutual cooperation and mutual benefit. And because there is no death or injury involved, our food comes to us without that aura of fear which persons sensitive to such things tell us pervade the dead bodies of meat, chickens and fishes. Our vibration rates are not dragged down by the pain of others - we do not ingest pain and suffering into our systems.

As to our health, fruit is lighter, and well balanced particularly in its moisture content. It nourishes and refreshes at the same time.

So many illnesses we suffer today are caused by blockages in our internal pipework - from the large arteries that pump blood around the body and through the heart, to the tiny capillaries in the brain. And no artery large or small ever got blocked by fruit. Indeed, most fruits actually clean, scour and purify the passages.

Blockages in the fine capillaries in and around the brain result in Altzheimers - what in earlier days was simply called 'hardening of the arteries'; more seriously, the deprivation of blood to a section of the brain which is thus damaged will cause a stroke.

And yes, we all know what happens when the blood vessels and arteries around the heart get blocked. But to put a figure on it: heart disease is the biggest cause of death for Americans. It kills 750,000 every year - despite $100 billion expended on diagnosis and treatment.

We had an elderly friend (95 years old) who was a bit of a grumpus (but nice underneath!). She was fed up with living and impatient to die. Anyway, she got a poisoned toe, which poisoned her foot and threatened to move up the leg. The doctor was talking about amputation, though that never came about because death intervened. The Chinese Herb Doctor explained to me what had happened. An artery to the toe muscle had got blocked and the muscle had died, then festered. You see: blocked arteries again!

In the context of artery-clogging foods there is much fashionable use of the word "cholesterol" though it is not always fully understood. Cholesterol is a hard, waxy, fat-soluble (as opposed to water-soluble) substance that is synthesized in all cells of the body, but primarily in the liver. It is part of every cell of the body as a building block of the cell membrane, and it is critically important - so important that Nature has equipped each cell with the means to synthesize its own cholesterol. This cholesterol made by our bodies keeps the membranes of our cells functioning at optimum level.

This cholesterol that we create in our bodies is not the problem-cholesterol about which there is so much publicity. The problem-cholesterol is manufactured in the bodies of animals for their needs, but we take it in when we eat these animals as food. When we live on a diet of animal products (meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs), we consume 500 to 100 milligrams of dietary cholesterol a day, most of which cannot be easily removed (excreted) and is, instead, deposited in the tissues of our body, particularly in the arteries, thus in turn contributing to the high rate of cardiovascular disease and other degenerative diseases.

The cholesterol that contributes to heart disease comes from the animal products we eat. In contrast, apples, bananas, grapes, almonds, cashews, coconut, tofu, avocados, chick-peas, oats, corn, and other raw plant foods contain zero cholesterol, and indeed fruits, particularly the acidic varieties, can help to cleanse clogged arteries of existing buildup.

So. There you have it. The full case for a fruit diet. Or almost so. I would only add that like anything it seems strange at first, and it is surely best to take it slowly. We began the move from vegetarian to fruitarian four years ago and it took a year to get there! But once you're hooked on fruit... well, I can tell you from current experience that when you abandon fruit even just for one meal you feel heavy, you miss that refreshed, cleansed after-feeling that only comes from a fruit meal.

Fruit is "given"; it is created specifically to be nutritious; it is healthy, it is light, it will help raise your vibration rate, it is non-clogging and cleansing. And once you get used to it, other food tastes dry and solid after fruit.


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