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Making Sense of the Chaos - What is happening in the sky? | Making Sense of the Chaos - What is happening in the sky?

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By Laveta Piemme

If you have been thinking that there is something in the air that has a whiff of the 60’s, you are right on target with how two specific planets interact, both now and then. However, the relationship those two planets have now is much more contentious than it was back in the rebellion and transformation of the love generation during the 60’s, when peace and love was mixed with political unrest and war. The two planets in question are Uranus and Pluto, and they are forming a difficult relationship to each other off and on for the next 3 years, a relationship that brings what they each represent to cross purpose and conflict. In the 60’s there was cohesiveness as their energies were married together, when they were in the exact same place in the sky. The next few years, they will be doing their dance 90 degrees apart.

As you may have guessed, what I am talking about is astrology: where the planets are in the sky at any given time, and the relationship they have to each other in their orbit around the sun. They are the archetypes of the underlying forces that drive not only the actions of the collective, but also our personal lives. Astrology is a metaphoric language that interprets the energies of our human experience. Each planet represents a different part of how we experience life. Uranus, one of the two planets in question, is symbolic of our urge to break free, demands change..... is rebellion and revolution.... it is sudden, unpredictable and erratic. Uranus is the energy of an earthquake. Pluto is the planet of transformation through death and represents destruction and renewal, and doesn’t care if you are comfortable or not, but will purge what is decaying by ripping it from you if you are unwilling to let it go. Pluto is the energy of a nuclear bomb. Even though the scientists have demoted him to dwarf planet status, do not disrespect the ruthless influence that he can have!

As these two planets have been moving towards clashing at a relationship of 90 degrees (called a square in astrology), the effect has been felt on a global level for the past year. The unrest triggered in the middle east about a year ago with rebels and dictators coming to blows is the signature of the colliding of these energies. It swept around the planet, and the rebellion of the Occupy Wall Street is indicative of how these energies have played out in the United States. The energy of these planets are calling for the individual to take action to liberate from tyranny, while government and corporate structures are being torn down to the ground and destroyed by revolution. The change is out of the blue, and unexpected, ignites quickly and spontaneously. And, it hasn’t even really hit full force yet. June 23-24, 2012 is when these two planets will square off exactly with each other (literally being 90 degrees apart in the sky). That is first of 7 times they will be doing their dance of war between now and 2015 as they go back and forth to the exact 90 degree square. The effects will be felt and seen everywhere, as the energies shower down on mother earth. It is in the air, it will permeate everything with the underlying energy that brings us our human experience in accordance to what the planets represent. In one way or another all of us will be a part of this unpredictable destruction of what no longer serves us. Like in the 60’s and other times these planets have been squaring off, it is expressed in the collective experience and in our personal lives. For some, it will be witnessed not only in what is going on globally, but will also be felt very personally, depending on where all of the planets were when you took your first breath and your body tuned to the energies of that moment. That tuning becomes your personal map, the blueprint of your internal wiring you carry with you throughout your life. In astrology, this map is your chart of where all of the planets were in that snapshot of time. For those familiar with your chart, if you have any planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) in 6-15 degrees, you will be very personally affected by the current energies of Uranus and Pluto.

It all sounds pretty scary, and many people are in fear of a great sweeping catastrophe, whether it be the downfall of governments and anarchy (which by the way, is also the energy of Uranus) or disastrous weather events that come out of the blue. It is in the air, and most are not aware that there are underlying energies that are creating this crisis that are playing out in our human experience. However it unfolds, the energies will move with revolution and transformation through death and rebirth, by surprise, and leveling the current structure to the ground. While Uranus adds the rebellion and revolution, what Pluto demands is that you let go of anything that no longer serves you. He is about the evolution of the soul and one can surrender or there will be suffering involved. Because Pluto’s mission is about the soul, if you are holding on for dear life, the ego is involved and that is what will be in the way of this transformation and evolution. When the power of Pluto is used from the lens of the ego, it is diverted into destruction and violence and can be felt on a personal level like sheer terror.

As already stated, this sounds really scary. But, here is another way to look at this: maybe, just maybe, it is the clean sweep that we need to shift into another level of consciousness. And, it may very well feel like the sweeping catastrophe that is feared by many these days. The energies are saying there will be change by way of the death of the old structure so there can be renewal. This is the nature of shifting, letting go of what has come before, so that the new can be born. We often hold onto what is known, even when it is dysfunctional. The timing of this current Uranus~Pluto square cycle is in alignment with the ending of the Mayan Calendar, a 5125 year cycle. Perhaps that is the evolutionary shift that Pluto is offering us at this time on our planet with his relationship to Uranus. But first we have to have the rapid change where everything will be burned to the core, purging what is disintegrating and contaminated in the system. In the middle of a crisis, it can be difficult to see the opportunity for something new to rise from the ashes. That is the promise of Pluto, and with Uranus, it will bring change.

So, what can you do? Having an awareness of the times that are coming is the first step. Know that what is happening in the world and in your life is due to the forces of the cosmos that are playing out through our lives and the human experience. There is an evolutionary cycle of life that is coming forth. Everything in astrology has a higher and lower octave of manifestation and does not dictate the outcome, only points to the energies that are present at a given time. You are in charge. You will manifest in either the higher or lower octave. The energies do not determine how you will use them, that is your job. When you bring awareness to the process of life that is shown in the underlying energies and their cycles, you can use the energies in the higher octave instead of the energies randomly using you. Awareness brings you to a place where you can have more control and have a positive influence in how your life unfolds. Awareness of what these energies are and when they are present makes sense of the chaos.

What is happening in the next few years is big. It is not business as usual. If you want to know how it may affect you personally, an astrological consultation can tell you what part of your human experience may be affected, and the domain of your life in which it is likely to manifest. Remember: awareness of what these energies are and when they are present makes sense of the chaos.

May the light shine on you and bring awareness to your path.

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