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Vibration, Densities, Dimensions,third dimension, energy, fifth dimension, Earth, planetary ascension, planetary, ascension, Soul, Awakening, Merkaba, meditations, chakrasVibration, Densities and Dimensions

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Everything in the Universe is created from the pure light electrons known as the body of God. These electrons make up the atoms of the physical world. The geometrical design and the speed of action around the central core (plus other factors) determines the type of atom and its rate of vibration. Planets, people, animals, plants, trees all emit a certain rate of vibration. The denser the vibration level the lower it is in the light spectrum.


Levels of Density (Heaviest is the lowest in the light spectrum):

Mineral Kingdom - Heaviest density

  1. Plant Kingdom
  2. Animal Kingdom + Lower vibration level Human
  3. Higher Vibration Level Human
  4. Light Body
  5. Soul Body
  6. Oversoul
  7. Angels
  8. Archangels and Ascended Masters
  9. Leaders of the Spiritual Hierarchy
  10. Universal Gods
  11. Absolute Godhead - Purest light Source


Unlike Density, Dimensions encompass entire realities and overlap each other. Lower dimensions are contained within higher ones. For instance, the third dimension contains the lower two.

First Dimension - Existence through a point in time and space

Second Dimension - Magnitude (distance or path) in the time and space

Third Dimension - Depth and existence in the physical universe through choices of paths in time and space

Forth Dimension - Time (movement) through time and space in a higher mode of physical existence

Fifth Dimension - Through Love bridges the worlds of Matter and the worlds of Spirit (Release from duality into love and unity)

The understanding that everything in the Universe is energy and that all energy is at different levels of vibration and frequency, indicates that all planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels. Planet Earth is a third dimensional planet with forth and fifth dimension activity in progression. Currently the beings on the planet Earth are estimated to be 60 percent in the third dimensional plane, thirty five percent in the forth and five percent in the fifth.

The planet Earth is currently going through a dimensional ascension, moving from third to fourth with the goal of being in the fifth. For individuals to shift with the planetary ascension, they must individually focus on raising their vibration / frequency level. Each dimension has seven planes. As vibration levels are raised (by releasing all blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies) the shift in frequency uplifts the person to the higher planes. To fully evolve into the fifth dimension the person must open up to unconditional love, expand his/her inner light quotient, be fully forgiving under all circumstances and not generate negative (harmful) thought patterns.

A simple example of people's characteristics in the different dimensional level would be their reaction from say a traffic accident where a car runs into your brand new car while you are stopped at a red light. A third dimensional person would react with abuse, blame, anger and negativity towards the person that hit his/her new car. A fourth dimensional person would connect the situation as karma related and accept the situation. A fifth dimensional person would accept what is with no connection or issue to the incident and would still send blessings and love to the person causing the incident.

The Soul Awakening Programs provide detail information on the Universal Laws and meditation processes that help you release blockages from the cellular levels and raise your vibration levels. The Merkaba meditations activate your higher Chakras and expand your light quotient. A person's vibration / frequency level is indicative of their inner light capacity. The lower your vibration / frequency the less light capacity you can hold in your system. The higher vibration levels allow you to expand your inner circuitry to receive the higher capacity electrons, which expand your inner light quotient.


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