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Dr Emoto: The Miracle of Water  Dr Emoto: The Miracle of Water 

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by Dr. Masaru Emoto

How to imbibe the harmonious stream of life.

Approximately 70 percent of a human body is made up of water. At the embryo stage, we are 98 percent water. Water supports our well-being by transporting necessary energy and nutrients throughout our bodies, and helps us remove toxins via blood and other bodily fluids. As we age, the percentage of water within our body decreases. That’s why we start to notice wrinkles, and why our backs may start to hunch a bit and we appear shorter. Ultimately, when the body contains less than 50 percent water, we die. In this way, we can say that humans are water itself.

If we believe that water was sent from the Divine, then we can say that our original father and mother is God. Yes, we are all “children of God.” This doesn’t only pertain to humans, though. Every life was created from water; it is the origin of life and the Almighty’s gift.

All of God’s intentions were contained within water that was somehow sent to Earth. There must have been blueprints set as vibrations in the water. In order to access this information, I believe that salt was the next thing sent to earth. Thus, the sea becomes the womb of all beings. By combining vibrations, the sacred blueprints, and salt, a positive chemical reaction slowly started as the energy materialized as different forms of life.

Despite sex, nationality, personality, or any other differences, the fact that a human being’s body is 70 percent water does not change. God distributed water equally to all humans. When thinking about this, it becomes quite clear that we should be true to the message of water (which occupies the majority of our bodies) and live according to God’s will.

love and gratitude on waterBut what does God want us to do? The answer lies in the pictures. Water (the messenger of God) created a miraculously beautiful crystal with the term love and gratitude. This is proof that these concepts are at the root of the creation of the world. The water that received the vibration of the original intent of God expressed and revealed itself to us as that spectacular crystal.

Of course, if we exposed water to just love or gratitude, we would still see a beautiful crystal. However, when the two are combined, the result has this mysterious, sacred aura. The fact that we live on Earth, which exists in a three-dimensional form, has a lot to do with this. Our world is width, length, and depth, and possesses shape and mass.

It can be understood roughly as “the real world that contains materials.” In our world, nothing materializes without the two opposite energies of positive (plus) and negative (minus)—for example, day and night, yin and yang, male and female. Without these bipolar energies, nothing can exist. One is giving positive energy, and the other is receiving negative energy.

When looking at things from this point of view, it becomes easier to explain why the water that was exposed to love and gratitude created such a beautiful crystal. As a representation of the giving energy, God created the concept of love; and as a representation of the receiving energy, He created the concept of gratitude. So love is the active giving energy, and gratitude is the passive receiving energy. If we were to express these two energies in colors, love is pink and gratitude is green. We need to openly give our love at all times and receive everything with gratitude. As these two aspects maintain their balance, the Earth will work just as God had designed it to.


The Language of Water from catrin jacksties on Vimeo

In5D Addendum: Approximately 70% of an adult's body is water and almost 75% for an infant. Your blood is 70% water, so think about the importance of the QUALITY of water that enters your body. For example, how pure is the water your body absorbs when you're taking a shower or even washing dishes in your sink? If at all possible, use a water filter if you rely on fluoridated city water. Chlorine can actually help promote premature aging of the skin, plus it's simply not a healthy alternative. You may also want to try a reverse osmosis processor on your water. In one report, it was stated that your body absorbs more toxins during a hot bath or shower than when you drink it. While the amount of water your body absorbs in a shower may be negligible, the toxins that enter your body through the opening of your pores can be substantial.

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