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The Best Scientific Explanation Of Life After Death The Best Scientific Explanation Of Life After Death

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Science is finally looking at life after death as a reality without using the bible or religion as a reference. Santos Bonacci said it the best (and I'm paraphrasing): You begin the dieing process once the sperm fertilizes the egg. You were alive BEFORE that happened.

The brain and the mind are not one of the same

Mind = Consciousness
Brain = Is the physical part of the body that the mind orchestrates thoughts through.

The mind may even reside in another parallel universe sending signals to our brain like a transmitter sending signals to a receiver from a far away place. Consciousness is non-local and may exist outside space/time (as it exists outside the body/brain). Consciousness is not a product of the brain, but rather it's a product of the mind.

The brain is a physical entity of the body as it regulates our body's temperature, controls our heart beat, autonomic nervous system, etc. but still acts as the receiver for the mind. The mind could be looked as the transmitter which communicates thoughts, emotions, imagination, from a far far away place.

Life is a continuum (always exists and never dies), therefore, life is not the polar opposite of death.

The opposite of life is not death, but, rather, life is the continuum of birth and death. Life is a process, The Best Scientific Explanation Of Life After Death | In5D.comperception, cognition, emotion, moods, imagination, insight, intuition, creativity, and choice making. These are not the activities of your networks in your brain, rather, these activities are being orchestrated through the brain from the mind outside the body.

So, birth and death are space/time events that are perceived in the body should be viewed as polar opposites instead of life and death.

So, when we die, our mind/consciousness will live on for eternity, and the mind can never be destroyed as it lives on as a continuum outside the body and brain.

Based on this interview, there's an afterlife and Stephen Hawking may be wrong after all.

The mind, soul and spirit

The words Mind, Soul and Spirit are often used interchangeably. In most cases people have only a superficial understanding of these words and no concrete idea of their true nature. Here we will try to give a short answer to the questions: "What is Spirit?", "What is Soul?" and "What is Mind?"

What is spirit?

"Spirit" is essentially formless intelligent energy, which has become individualized by the splitting of God's energy. This spiritual energy is the source of all living beings: humans, animals, plants, and even minerals. However, the spirits of animals and plants are not as individualized and advanced as those of humans. In other words, each human spirit has an expressed individuality and the ability to think, whilst, animal and plant spirits usually live as collective consciousnesses. How individual they become depends on the level of each spirit's consciousness.

What is the soul?

We call "Soul" the part of the spirit that takes the form of the physical body it dwells in. It is in this form that the spirit undertakes spiritual refinement on Earth. The spirit is freer in form compared to the soul which, being lodged inside the human body, has a distinctive human shape and its own individuality.

What is the mind?

The mind is the center of the soul, and the core of the spiritual body. To spiritual sight, when the mind is in its original state, it looks like a perfectly shaped ball (a sphere) about one foot in diameter. The mind governs will, emotion, intellect, and reason.

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