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Santos Bonacci: How To Connect To The Christ Within You Santos Bonacci: How To Connect To The Christ Within You

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Santos Bonacci gives a detailed explanation of how to connect with the Christ within you, along with how every major fairy tale and nursery rhyme is tied into astrotheology. Be sure to check out the moon charts as this will be an important aspect of attaining the Christ within.

Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes & Astrotheology

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood is the sun.  As the sun sets in the western horizon, the ancients always placed the scales of Libra in the western sunset where, from time to time, the sun sets with its red colors.  The scales of Libra begin right at the horizon and go 30 degrees below the horizon.  When Mama tells Little Red Riding Hood, “Don’t stop and see anybody, you’ve got to go direct,” that’s what the sun does.  Out of the 7 planets in the sky that we can visibly see, the sun is the only one that does that. The wolf comes along.  The wolf is Lupus, one of the deacons of Libra where the sun sets every day and is always on the horizon. When Little Red Riding Hood comes out of the other side of the horizon, she is saved by Orion and lives to see another day.

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs:  Snow White is the sun as a beautiful white aura.  The undifferentiated color of the sun is one white light, which gets differentiated into 7 colors, which are the 7 dwarfs.
Sleeping Beauty: Sleeping Beauty is the Earth Goddess.  “In the myth of the Sleeping Beauty, the earth-goddess sinks into her long winter sleep when pricked by the point of the spindle. In her cosmic palace, all is locked in icy repose, naught thriving save the ivy which defies the cold, until the kiss of the golden-haired sun-god reawakens life and activity.”

Cinderella & Prince Charming: Cinderella is the dawn, Prince Charming is the sun.  Same story, different characters, different names.

4 and 20 blackbirds are the 4 and 20 hours (in a day).  The pie that holds them is the underlying Earth.  “the four-and-twenty blackbirds are the four-and-twenty hours, and the pie that holds them is the underlying earth, covered with the over-arching sky; how true a touch of nature it is that when the pie is opened-that is, when day breaks, the birds begin to sing; the King is the Sun, and his counting out his money is pouring out the sunshine, the golden shower of Danae; the Queen is the Moon, and her transparent honey the moonlight; the Maid is the 'rosy-fingered' Dawn, who rises before the Sun, her master, and hangs out the clouds, his clothes, across the sky; the particular black- bird, who so tragically ends the tale by snipping off her nose, is the hour of sunrise.”

Little Red Riding Hood is the evening sun, which is always described as red or golden; the old Grandmother is the earth, to whom the rays of the sun bring warmth and comfort. The Wolf-which is a well-known figure for the clouds and blackness of night-is the dragon in another form; first he devours the grandmother, that is, he wraps the earth in thick clouds, which the evening sun is not strong enough to pierce through. Then, with the darkness of night he swallows up the evening sun itself, and all is dark and desolate. Then, as in the German tale, the night-thunder and the storm winds are represented by the loud snoring of the Wolf; and then the Huntsman, the morning sun, comes in all his strength and majesty, and chases away the night-clouds and kills the Wolf, and revives old Grandmother Earth, and brings Little Red Riding Hood to life again. Or another explanation may be that the Wolf is the dark and dreary winter that kills the earth with frost, and hides the sun with fog and mist; and then the Spring comes.”

Jack and the Beanstalk:  “The germ of the story of "Jack and the Bean Stalk" is to be found in old Hindu tales, in which the beans are used as the symbols of abundance, or as meaning the moon, and in which the white cow is the clay and the black cow is the night.

In "Beauty and the Beast," for instance, we have the same idea. There are the three sisters, one of whom is chosen as the bride of an enchanted monster, who dwells in a beautiful palace. By the arts of her sisters she is kept away from him, and he is at the point of death through his grief. Then she returns, and he revives, and becomes changed into a handsome Prince, and they live happy ever after. One feature of these legends is that beings closely united to each other--as closely, that is, as the Sun and the Dawn--may not look upon each other without misfortune.”

Santos Bonacci: How To Connect To The Christ Within You |

The same stories are found in the gospels as well, where a shining prince/hero comes along to save the day. Jesus is the savior.  JES is the Sun. What these stories are hiding are alchemical truths.

Santos Bonacci: Your Body Is The Holy Land |

In general, based on Santos Bonacci: The Sacred Secret and Advanced Astrotheology : "The Sacred Secret is “Christ in union with you; the hope of His glory.” Santos translated this as: ”In union with you” as  “The Christ within you or as the Christ that dwelleth in you.”  Santos added, “It’s very important to know this.  The Sacred Secret that was hidden from the nations in the past has been revealed to you."

Sex and Your Moon Sign

According to Bonacci, one should not have sex when the moon is in your sun sign. The Moon changes zodiac signs approximately every two and a half days, and completes its cycle approximately every 28 days.

The Moon's Sign on a Particular Day:

The Moon favors these kinds of activities:

In Aries, quick actions that yield immediate results. Undertakings that involve the self and the personality. (Staying power may be lacking). Self-assertion, taking on challenges, beginning short-term projects.
In Taurus, substantial and material actions that yield solid results. Financial activities, and those involving personal possessions, applying for a loan, beginning a potentially long-term relationship, music, home decor.
In Gemini, mental and communicative actions, and more than one activity at once. Reading, learning, letters and emails, errands.
In Cancer, domestic activities, those that involve awareness of personal needs. Home decor, family get-togethers.
In Leo, creative activities, activities involving children, generous undertakings, undertakings in which personal recognition is desired, and risk-taking.
In Virgo, mental pursuits, work activities, services, and routines. Activities that would benefit from tending to details.
In Libra, relationship issues, activities involving teamwork and cooperation, activities that involve self-examination, activities related to beauty.
In Scorpio, taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things.
In Sagittarius, adventurous activities that involve "winging it", travel, higher education, advertising, sports, physical activity.
In Capricorn, long-term activities that yield slow but steady results, practical undertakings, career issues, making a business plan, practical investments.
In Aquarius, unusual or radical undertakings, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group.
In Pisces, imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music and drama, going on a retreat, activities involving water.


Moon Tables

The Moon spends a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage during spellwork. Void-of-Course Moon or v/c is the time the Moon is "between signs".  It is when the Moon moves from the sign of Gemini, but has not yet moved into the sign of Cancer. Void-of-Course can last for a few minutes or a couple of days. Spell working should be avoided when the moon is void of course as the energy is unpredictable. V/C   is a time of disruption when nothing works as expected. Knowing when the moon is void of course will eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted effort.  

Void of Course Moon Tables

May 2010 to November 2010 (Times given ET) Void of Course Moon (DST is observed)   
The Moon is Void of Course from the time that its last aspect is listed until the Moon enters a new sign.
For Pacific Time, subtract 3 hours from the given times. For example, the Moon enters Aquarius on September 18th at 12:45 AM Pacific Time.

May 20, 2012     7:05 PM               Moon enters Gemini
May 22, 2012     6:51 PM               Moon V/C
May 23, 2012     7:31 AM               Moon enters Cancer
May 25, 2012    10:34 AM               Moon V/C
May 25, 2012     6:11 PM               Moon enters Leo
May 27, 2012     7:54 PM               Moon  V/C
May 28, 2012     2:06 AM               Moon enters Virgo
May 30, 2012     1:50 AM               Moon  V/C
May 30, 2012     6:46 AM               Moon enters Libra
May 31, 2012     9:31 PM               Moon  V/C
Jun  1, 2012     8:31 AM               Moon enters Scorpio
Jun  3, 2012     5:29 AM               Moon V/C
Jun  3, 2012     8:32 AM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Jun  5, 2012     1:08 AM               Moon V/C
Jun  5, 2012     8:31 AM               Moon enters Capricorn
Jun  7, 2012     8:38 AM               Moon V/C
Jun  7, 2012    10:17 AM               Moon enters Aquarius
Jun  9, 2012     2:33 PM               Moon V/C
Jun  9, 2012     3:22 PM               Moon enters Pisces
Jun 11, 2012     6:41 AM               Moon V/C
Jun 12, 2012    12:21 AM               Moon enters Aries
Jun 13, 2012    11:09 PM               Moon V/C
Jun 14, 2012    12:22 PM               Moon enters Taurus
Jun 16, 2012     8:09 AM               Moon V/C
Jun 17, 2012     1:24 AM               Moon enters Gemini
Jun 19, 2012    11:02 AM               Moon  V/C
Jun 19, 2012     1:34 PM               Moon enters Cancer
Jun 21, 2012    12:48 PM               Moon  V/C
Jun 21, 2012    11:47 PM               Moon enters Leo
Jun 23, 2012     6:26 PM               Moon V/C
Jun 24, 2012     7:42 AM               Moon enters Virgo
Jun 26, 2012     6:53 AM               Moon V/C
Jun 26, 2012     1:15 PM               Moon enters Libra
Jun 28, 2012     4:22 AM               Moon  V/C
Jun 28, 2012     4:32 PM               Moon enters Scorpio
Jun 30, 2012     3:46 PM               Moon  V/C
Jun 30, 2012     6:04 PM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Jul  2, 2012     6:21 PM                Moon V/C
Jul  2, 2012     6:51 PM                Moon enters Capricorn
Jul  4, 2012     8:25 AM                Moon  V/C
Jul  4, 2012     8:26 PM                Moon enters Aquarius
Jul  6, 2012    11:48 AM               Moon V/C
Jul  7, 2012    12:29 AM               Moon enters Pisces
Jul  8, 2012     6:59 AM               Moon  V/C
Jul  9, 2012     8:14 AM               Moon enters Aries
Jul 11, 2012     5:23 AM               Moon V/C
Jul 11, 2012     7:30 PM               Moon enters Taurus
Jul 13, 2012     3:46 PM               Moon  V/C
Jul 14, 2012     8:26 AM               Moon enters Gemini
Jul 16, 2012     6:56 AM               Moon V/C
Jul 16, 2012     8:31 PM               Moon enters Cancer
Jul 19, 2012    12:24 AM              Moon V/C
Jul 19, 2012     6:13 AM               Moon enters Leo
Jul 21, 2012     1:17 AM               Moon  V/C
Jul 21, 2012     1:24 PM               Moon enters Virgo
Jul 22, 2012     8:44 PM               Moon V/C
Jul 23, 2012     6:38 PM               Moon enters Libra
Jul 25, 2012    11:22 AM               Moon V/C
Jul 25, 2012    10:29 PM               Moon enters Scorpio
Jul 26, 2012    11:38 AM               Moon V/C
Jul 28, 2012     1:18 AM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Jul 29, 2012     5:01 PM               Moon  V/C
Jul 30, 2012     3:29 AM               Moon enters Capricorn
Jul 31, 2012     7:30 PM               Moon  V/C
Aug  1, 2012     5:56 AM               Moon enters Aquarius
Aug  3, 2012     3:24 AM               Moon  V/C
Aug  3, 2012     9:58 AM               Moon enters Pisces
Aug  5, 2012     1:56 PM               Moon V/C
Aug  5, 2012     4:58 PM               Moon enters Aries
Aug  7, 2012     4:04 PM               Moon V/C
Aug  8, 2012     3:28 AM               Moon enters Taurus
Aug  9, 2012     2:55 PM               Moon V/C
Aug 10, 2012     4:11 PM               Moon enters Gemini
Aug 12, 2012     5:49 PM               Moon  V/C
Aug 13, 2012     4:27 AM               Moon enters Cancer
Aug 15, 2012     4:21 AM               Moon  V/C
Aug 15, 2012     2:05 PM               Moon enters Leo
Aug 17, 2012     1:55 PM               Moon  V/C
Aug 17, 2012     8:33 PM               Moon enters Virgo
Aug 18, 2012     7:26 PM               Moon V/C
Aug 20, 2012    12:45 AM               Moon enters Libra
Aug 22, 2012     3:13 AM                Moon V/C
Aug 22, 2012     3:54 AM               Moon enters Scorpio
Aug 23, 2012     5:34 AM               Moon V/C
Aug 24, 2012     6:50 AM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Aug 26, 2012     2:39 AM               Moon  V/C
Aug 26, 2012     9:58 AM               Moon enters Capricorn
Aug 28, 2012     6:33 AM               Moon  V/C
Aug 28, 2012     1:38 PM               Moon enters Aquarius
Aug 30, 2012     1:48 PM               Moon  V/C
Aug 30, 2012     6:31 PM               Moon enters Pisces
Sep  1, 2012     4:02 PM               Moon  V/C
Sep  2, 2012     1:37 AM               Moon enters Aries
Sep  4, 2012     7:06 AM               Moon V/C
Sep  4, 2012    11:41 AM               Moon enters Taurus
Sep  5, 2012     2:54 PM                Moon V/C
Sep  7, 2012    12:10 AM               Moon enters Gemini
Sep  9, 2012     6:59 AM               Moon  V/C
Sep  9, 2012    12:49 PM               Moon enters Cancer
Sep 11, 2012     5:58 PM               Moon  V/C
Sep 11, 2012    11:00 PM               Moon enters Leo
Sep 14, 2012     1:14 AM               Moon  V/C
Sep 14, 2012     5:30 AM               Moon enters Virgo
Sep 16, 2012     7:26 AM               Moon  V/C
Sep 16, 2012     8:55 AM               Moon enters Libra
Sep 18, 2012     7:30 AM               Moon  V/C
Sep 18, 2012    10:46 AM               Moon enters Scorpio
Sep 20, 2012     9:11 AM                Moon V/C
Sep 20, 2012    12:34 PM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Sep 22, 2012    12:45 PM               Moon  V/C
Sep 22, 2012     3:20 PM               Moon enters Capricorn
Sep 24, 2012     5:19 PM               Moon V/C
Sep 24, 2012     7:32 PM               Moon enters Aquarius
Sep 26, 2012    11:33 PM               Moon  V/C
Sep 27, 2012     1:23 AM               Moon enters Pisces
Sep 28, 2012    10:34 PM               Moon  V/C
Sep 29, 2012     9:14 AM               Moon enters Aries
Oct  1, 2012     6:32 PM               Moon  V/C
Oct  1, 2012     7:26 PM               Moon enters Taurus
Oct  4, 2012     3:44 AM               Moon V/C
Oct  4, 2012     7:47 AM               Moon enters Gemini
Oct  5, 2012     5:08 PM               Moon  V/C
Oct  6, 2012     8:45 PM               Moon enters Cancer
Oct  8, 2012     3:33 AM                Moon V/C
Oct  9, 2012     7:55 AM               Moon enters Leo
Oct 10, 2012     5:40 PM                Moon V/C
Oct 11, 2012     3:23 PM               Moon enters Virgo
Oct 12, 2012     7:48 PM               Moon  V/C
Oct 13, 2012     7:02 PM               Moon enters Libra
Oct 15, 2012     8:03 AM                Moon V/C
Oct 15, 2012     8:06 PM               Moon enters Scorpio
Oct 16, 2012    10:23 PM               Moon V/C
Oct 17, 2012     8:26 PM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Oct 19, 2012     4:26 PM                Moon V/C
Oct 19, 2012     9:41 PM               Moon enters Capricorn
Oct 21, 2012    11:32 PM              Moon V/C
Oct 22, 2012     1:02 AM               Moon enters Aquarius
Oct 23, 2012     9:27 PM               Moon  V/C
Oct 24, 2012     7:00 AM               Moon enters Pisces
Oct 26, 2012    11:04 AM               Moon  V/C
Oct 26, 2012     3:31 PM               Moon enters Aries
Oct 27, 2012     9:32 PM               Moon  V/C
Oct 29, 2012     2:15 AM               Moon enters Taurus
Oct 29, 2012     5:01 PM               Moon V/C
Oct 31, 2012     2:40 PM               Moon enters Gemini
Nov  2, 2012     5:21 AM               Moon V/C
Nov  3, 2012     3:43 AM               Moon enters Cancer
Nov  4, 2012     3:37 AM                Moon V/C
Nov  5, 2012     2:39 PM               Moon enters Leo
Nov  7, 2012    10:27 AM               Moon V/C
Nov  7, 2012    11:35 PM               Moon enters Virgo
Nov  9, 2012     7:27 PM               Moon  V/C
Nov 10, 2012     4:35 AM               Moon enters Libra
Nov 12, 2012    12:13 AM               Moon V/C
Nov 12, 2012     6:10 AM               Moon enters Scorpio
Nov 14, 2012     5:39 AM               Moon  V/C
Nov 14, 2012     5:52 AM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Nov 16, 2012     4:44 AM               Moon V/C
Nov 16, 2012     5:35 AM               Moon enters Capricorn
Nov 18, 2012    12:54 AM                Moon V/C
Nov 18, 2012     7:10 AM               Moon enters Aquarius
Nov 20, 2012     9:31 AM                Moon V/C
Nov 20, 2012    11:55 AM               Moon enters Pisces
Nov 22, 2012     1:32 AM               Moon V/C
Nov 22, 2012     8:12 PM               Moon enters Aries
Nov 23, 2012     8:34 PM               Moon  V/C
Nov 25, 2012     7:18 AM               Moon enters Taurus
Nov 26, 2012     7:57 PM               Moon V/C
Nov 27, 2012     7:58 PM               Moon enters Gemini
Nov 28, 2012     8:04 PM               Moon V/C
Nov 30, 2012     8:55 AM               Moon enters Cancer
Dec  2, 2012     1:55 AM               Moon V/C
Dec  2, 2012     8:57 PM               Moon enters Leo
Dec  4, 2012     5:08 PM               Moon  V/C
Dec  5, 2012     6:51 AM               Moon enters Virgo
Dec  7, 2012     5:35 AM               Moon V/C
Dec  7, 2012     1:35 PM               Moon enters Libra
Dec  8, 2012     7:37 PM                Moon V/C
Dec  9, 2012     4:51 PM               Moon enters Scorpio
Dec 11, 2012     8:08 AM               Moon  V/C
Dec 11, 2012     5:22 PM               Moon enters Sagittarius
Dec 13, 2012     3:42 AM                Moon V/C
Dec 13, 2012     4:42 PM               Moon enters Capricorn
Dec 15, 2012     4:15 PM               Moon V/C
Dec 15, 2012     4:53 PM               Moon enters Aquarius
Dec 17, 2012     1:11 PM                Moon V/C
Dec 17, 2012     7:48 PM               Moon enters Pisces
Dec 20, 2012    12:19 AM                Moon V/C
Dec 20, 2012     2:43 AM               Moon enters Aries
Dec 22, 2012     7:57 AM               Moon  V/C
Dec 22, 2012     1:25 PM               Moon enters Taurus
Dec 25, 2012    12:58 AM               Moon  V/C
Dec 25, 2012     2:13 AM               Moon enters Gemini
Dec 27, 2012     1:50 AM               Moon V/C
Dec 27, 2012     3:06 PM               Moon enters Cancer
Dec 28, 2012     9:43 AM               Moon  V/C
Dec 30, 2012     2:45 AM               Moon enters Leo
Dec 31, 2012     4:52 PM               Moon  V/C
Jan  1, 2013    12:35 PM               Moon enters Virgo

Calculated for  EASTERN STANDARD Time


Pineal gland = Eye of Ra
Pineal gland = Eye of Ra

Part 2

Santos quoted the following from George W. Carey's book, God-Man; The Word Made Flesh

Primitive Christians, the Essenes, fully realized and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained especially in the Spinal Cord, consequently in all parts of the body, as every nerve in the body is directly or indirectly connected with the wonderful "River that flows out of Eden (the upper brain) to water the garden."

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether writ ten in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body "fearfully and wonderfully made."

These adepts knew that the secretion (gray matter — creat ive) that issues, (secretes) from the cerebrum, was the source and cause of the physical expression called man; and they knew that the "River of Jordan" was symbolized in the spinal cord and that the "Dead Sea" was used to symbolize the Sacred Plexus at the base of the spinal column where the Jordan (spinal cord) ends, typifying the entrance of Jordan into the Dead Sea.

The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, "Cauda Equina," (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum — Latin for oil) and the thinner substance, oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata where it contacts the cerebellum (Golgotha
— the place of the skull) — this fluid is refined, as coal oil is refined, to produce gasoline — a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship.

When the oil (ointment) is crucified — (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold — not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon's period in a sign) in the tomb (cere bellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the "Most High" of the body) which is the "Temple of the Living God" the living, vital substance which is a precipitation of the "Breath of Life" breathed into man — therefore the "Holy (whole) Ghost" or breath.

The Pineal Gland is the "Pinnacle of the Temple." The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the Pineal Gland is described in Part II


"There is no name under Heaven whereby ye may be saved except Jesus Christed and then crucified" (correct rendering of the Greek text).

Every twenty-eight and one-half days, when the moon is in the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in at the birth of the native, there is a seed or Psycho — Physical germ born in the or out of, the Solar Plexus (the Manger) and this seed is taken up by the nerves or branches of the Pneumo gastric nerve, and becomes the "Fruit of the Tree of Life," or the "Tree of good and evil" — viz : good if saved and "cast upon the waters" (circulation) to reach the Pineal Gland; and evil if eaten or consumed in sexual expression on physical plane, or by alcoholic drinks, or gluttony that causes ferment — acid and even alcohol in intestinal tract — thus — "No drunkard can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven" for acids and alcohol cut, or chemically split, the oil that unites with the mineral
salts in the body and thus produces the monthly seed.

This seed, having the odor of fish was called Jesus, from Ichtos, (Greek for fish) and Nun (Hebrew for fish) thus "Joshua the son of Nun," "I am the bread of life;" "I am the bread that came down from heaven;" "Give us this day our daily bread."

The fruit of the Tree of Life, therefore, is the "Fish-bread" of which thou shalt not eat on the plane of animal or Adam (earth- dust of the earth plane) : but to "Him that overcometh will I give to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life" because he saved it and it returned to him in the cerebellum, the home of the Spiritual man, the Ego.

The cerebellum is heart shaped and called the heart in Greek — thus "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."

The bodily organ that men in their ignorance call heart is termed divider or pump in Greek and Hebrew. Our blood divider is not the button that we touch when we think, but it is the upper lobe of cerebellum that vibrates thought. The lower lobe is the animal (mortal) lobe that governs the animal world — that section of the body below the Solar Plexus, called lower Egypt — natural body — kingdom of earth — Appollyon — the Devil (lived, spelled backward) Satan (Saturn governs the bowels), etc.

Fire and Brimstone (the lake of fire) comes from the fact that sulphur (brimstone) is the prime factor in generating the rate of motion called heat, and overeating develops a surplus of sulphur.

During the first 300 years of the Christian era all that has been above written was understood by the real Christians, and about the end of that time the persecution of these Essenes by the priesthood became so marked that they met in secret and always made the sign of the fish.

santos bonacci---------------------

Amos 5:8

Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name.

The seven stars of Orion are Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Alnilam, Alnitak, Saiph and Mintaka. These 7 stars are the optic thalmus, the "Light of the World; the "Land of God". There are 4 red stars in the sky, Orion has one of them (Betelgeuse).

The letter “w” is not 2 “u’s”, that’s a misnomer.  It’s actually 2 “v’s” which shows how spirit transcends into matter.


Excerpt from Frank C Higgin's Hermetic Masonry:

Ancient priesthood believed that the great mass of mankind was too undeveloped to comprehend a philosophy of divinity based upon more or less scientific premises. Therefore, they carefully conserved their special knowledge, imparting it only to chosen initiates, while treating the masses to a spectacular exoteric system. Such was in fact the origin of the dual system that has prevailed through the ages, which was as much a part of Judaism and primitive and mediaeval Christianity as of the pagan idolatries, by which the priests knew and the people thought they knew.

A few years longer and this system (numerical and geometrical keys) will kill out the dead-letter reading of the Bible, as it will that of all the other exoteric faiths, by showing the dogmas in their real naked meaning. And then this undeniable meaning, however incomplete, will unveil the mystery of Being, and will, moreover, entirely change the modern scientific systems of Anthropology, Ethnology and especially that of Chronology."

In freemasonry, there are 33 degrees.  Jesus died at 33 years old.  There are 33 bones in the vertebrae. The bible is a manual of physiological regeneration.  It’s a manual for ascension.

The Occult Anatomy of Man by Manly P. Hall (KnowledgeBorn Library)

According to Bonacci, “The Catholic Church puts poison in the eucharis that they give you that actually kills your pineal gland.  These people are serious, serious businessmen.  They’re putting a substance in there that’s absolutely destroying this (the pineal) gland. Everything they do… the fluoride in the water destroys the gland.  The immunizations that we give our children destroys the gland.  The chemtrails destroys the gland.  The aspartame in sugar free (destroys the gland).   Get into the organic food.  If nature makes it, eat it. If it’s in a box, burn it."

The Last Supper - Astrotheology

The following quote was deemed as "very important by Bonacci as he read from George W. Carey's book, God-Man; The Word Made Flesh

The statement of Holy Writ, that "man is conceived in sin and brought forth in iniquity" has a three-fold meaning, viz., chemical, physiological and astrological. The real meaning in the original is, that the humjan embryo remains nine months in the female laboratory, thus falling short three months of completing a solar or soul year. It also represents the journey of the ego from the moon to earth, or conception. Twelve, which represents the circle and stands for completion.

The word sin comes from Schin, the twenty-first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and means to fall short of completeness, or understanding, wisdom. In the Tarot symbol, S, or Sin, is represented by the "Blind Fool," one lacking in wisdom, "Brought forth in iniquity" is merely a repetition of the words "born in sin." Iniquity and inequity or unequal, mean the same. The ancient Hebrews called Moon, Sin, because it gave light only part of the time. "Know ye not that your bodies are the temple (church) of God?"

There are twelve inorganic mineral cell-salts in the human body, and these minerals (stones in the temple) correspond in vibration to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. During the nine months of gestation the embryo receives and appropriates the creative energies of nine of these salts, leaving three to be supplied after the parting of the umbilical cord. Take for example a native born February 22nd, with the Sun's entry into Pisces: The embryo, having begun its journey at the gate of Gemini and negotiated the nine gestatory signs, his blood vibration at birth is thus deficient in the qualities of Pisces, Aries and Taurus, as also in the chemical dynamics of phosphate of iron, phosphate of potassium and sulphate of sodium-t- the mineral bases respectively of the signs of this uncompleted quadrant.

The Optic Thalamus, meaning "light of the chamber" is the inner or third eye, situated in the center of the head. It connects the pineal gland and the pituitary body. The optic nerve starts from this "eye single." "If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light." The optic thalamus is the Aries planet and when fully developed through physical regeneration it lifts the initiate up from the Kingdom of Earth, animal desire below the solar plexus, to the pineal gland that connects the cerebellum, the temple of the Spiritual Ego, with the optic thalamus, the third eye.

By this regenerative process millions of dormant cells of the brain are resurrected and set in operation, and then m'.an no longer "sees through a glass darkly," but with the Eye of spiritual understanding. We venture to predict that the planet corresponding to the optic thalamus will soon be located in the heavens. "The new order cometh." Mars must be dethroned as ruler of the brain of man.

To those who object to linking chemistry with astrology, the writer has this to say :

The Cosmic Law is not in the least disturbed by negative statements of the ignorant individual. Those investigators of natural phenomena, who delve deeply to find Truth, pay little heed to the babbler who says, "I can't understand how the zodiacal signs can have any relation to the cell-salts of the human body." The sole reason that he "cannot understand" is because he never tried to understand. A little earnest, patient study will open the understanding of any one possessed of ordinary intelligence and make plain the great truth that the UNI-verse is what the word implies, i.e., one verse.

Man has been deficient in understanding because his brain receiver did not vibrate to certain subtle influences. The dynamic cells in the gray matter of the nerves were not finely attuned and did not respond hence sin, or falling short of understanding. From the teachings of the Chemistry of Life we find that the basis of the brain or ne^rve fluid is a certain mineral salt known as potassium phosphate, or Kali Phos.

A deficiency in this brain constituent means "sin," or a falling short of judgment or proper comprehension. With the advent of the Aries Lord, God, or planet, cellsalts are rapidly coming to the fore as the basis of all healing. Kali phosphate is the greatest healing agent known to man, because it is the chemical base of material expression and understanding.

The cell-salts of the human organism are now being prepared for use, while poisonous drugs are being discarded everywhere. Kali phosphate is the especial birth salt for those born between March 21 and April 19.

Bonacci continued:

When Jesus was born, they put him in "swaddling clothes." Now the psychic germ (fish) is composed of the concentrated essence of life and is covered by a gossamer capsule for protection. If this swaddling cloth is broken, the "precious ointment" is lost, i.e. it disintegrates and corrupts the blood.

Bonacci: "The only real sin is the wasting of energy." Additionally, Bonacci stated that one should not drink alcohol, overeat or smoke cigarettes, all of whic poison your system.

Alcohol in all its deceptive forms is the arch foe to this life-seed and seeks by every means known to the enemy of man to destroy it. No drunkard shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven" because alcohol destroys the redeeming substance that enables man to understand or think in his heart the thoughts of the Spirit. Alcohol cuts the capsule that holds the Esse born every month in Bethlehem. Alcohol eats the fruit of the tree of life.

Gluttony is another enemy to regeneration. All excess of food, all that is not burnt up in the furnace the stomach and intestinal tract, all that is not properly digested, ferments and produces acid which develops alcohol.

Auto-intoxication is common among those who overeat. Most everyone overeats.

The furnace, stomach and digestive tract becomes a distillery when the surplus food ferments, and thus be- comes Babylon, the home of unclean birds and beasts which pander to carnal mind. Here we have the reason why sickness was considered Sin by the ancients. "To heal the sick and cast out devils" is the mission of the seed. "He that is born of God cannot sin, or be sick, for his seed remaineth in him." "The blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin," therefore from all disease. Here is the physiological explanation: When the Christed substance, the ointment from the river of Jordan, the oil in the spinal cord, reaches the pineal gland, it vibrates to a rate that causes new blood the new wine. This is the blood of Christ that heals all infirmities. Unless so- called Christians repent of their sins, the doom of the church is at hand, "Mene, mene teckel upharsin" is writ- ten on the wall.

When the earthly man is controlled by the spiritual man the Lord God he ceases to eat of the fruit, that is, waste it. This fruit is then carried up to the brain and "Eaten in the Father's Kingdom." "And the last enemy to be overcome is death." We overcome death by ceasing to die, and in no other way. "He that believeth in me, shall not perish." Those who die are sinners, and therefore are not Christians, for Christ Jesus was (is) without sin. "The wages of Sin is death." Repent, forsake evil, take up thy Cross, call upon the Lord and He will abundantly pardon. "And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion." When the sexual functions are used for the propagation of human bodies, there is no condemnation or sin.

"And I saw a woman clothed with the Sun, having the Moon under her feet and twelve stars upon her head." The Sun is the Seed, the "Son of Man," the product of her own body, saved and lifted up. The Moon refers to the generative life. Twelve stars are the twelve functions, typified by twelve zodiacal signs, which she has mastered through physical regeneration.

"When thou prayest, enter into thy closet and pray to thy Father in secret, and he shall reward thee openly." The word Secret is derived from Secretions. The upper brain, the Cerebrum, contains the secretions, gray matter, creative or that which creates, builds and supplies all the life force of the human temple, Soul of Man's (Solomon's temple). Hence God, the Creator, dwells in you. The cerebellum is his throne.

The suture of the skull is the point where the bones meet. We can very easily see this place on the head of infants, as the sections are not then drawn closely together, and the vibrations of the brain can be both seen and felt. In Sanscrit this is called "The Door of Brahm," for it is the apperture through which the Ego, or Spirit leaves the body. It is also the chimney of Santa Claus. The vertebrae as a whole is called the "stick of Brahm." Directly underneath the "door of Brahm" is a triangular shaped body named in physiology the "Island of Reil." This is the place where "John" was when "he" looked back and saw the wonderful vision of the regenerated man in the "Isle of Patmos" This island is the central lobe of the cerebrum, and is also called the Pole; hence, the Island of Reil is the North Pole of the body, and is, as we well know, the imperishable, sacred land.

In Santee's anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, we find that this island is "situated in the medial wall of the lateral fissure of the cerebrum, between the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes, whose growth, after the fifth month in utero, gradually covers it over. At the end of the first year of extrauterine life, it is entirely concealed by temporal, parietal and frontal parts of the operculum" cover or lid. Thus we see that Mother Nature has taken great pains to conceal this sacred center. Underneath this island, and directly in a line with the Optic Thalamus lies the Claustrum, but separated from it by yet three other bodies.

The claustrum is a thin sheet of isolated gray matter, found just medial to the Island of Reil. Santee says it "is a sheet of peculiar gray substance, and is made up of fusiform (spindle shaped) cell-bodies." It is from this claustrum that contains yellow substance within its outer grayish exterior, that the wonderful, priceless OIL is formed that flows down into the olivary fasciculus, "descending with the rubro-spinal tract through the reticular formation in the pons and medulla to the lateral column of the spinal cord. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord, probably giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem." Santee. This is the OIL, the precious gift of which the Bible speaks, "Thou anointest my head with oil."

And not only is there oil manufactured within this special laboratory of the brain, but there is actually an olive tree, which bears actual olives so named in any anatomy. The two olives are two infinitesimal eminences on either side of the medulla, with the Pyramid between. They are one-half inch in length. It is found well developed only in the higher mammals. They are RELAY (Santee) stations between the cerebrum and the cerebellum and between the spinal cord and the cerebellum.

This oil is the most sacred substance in the body it is the quintessence of gold the "Gold of Ophir" most trulv a rare gift. Globules of oil are found in the vital fluid, the semen, and when the prodigal son has wasted his substance, he finds that it takes a long time to replace the deficiency and make good the looted bank account.

This wonderful oil is the secret work of the immaculate Virgin, Mary (or Mare) "represented by the sign Virgo. In chemistry we find that sulphate of potassium is the mineral salt, which, uniting with sulphur and oxygen, manufactures the oil. We find that this salt also crystallizes out from the mother-liquors of sea water and salt springs. People born under the sign Virgo, if they have become deficient in this salt suffer from dryness of the skin, and baldness. We can also understand why draining of the vital fluid living in excesses, will also produce baldness. If there were no oil in the body, the skin would become harsh and dry.

The story of the wise virgins who had their lamps trimmed and filled with oil is given to emphasize the necessity for the presence of oil in the body, for they cannot go out to meet the "bridegroom" unless their lamps are burning. "The lamb is the lamp thereof."

The olives, which contain the oil, are the reservoirs the relay stations, of course, which furnish the oil for the lamp, the pineal gland, at the top of which is the flame or eye. When the Kundalini, the serpent fire that lies concealed within the sacral plexus is awakened, burns up the dross within the spinal cord, and reaches the conarium, it sets fire to this oil and thus lights the "perpetual lamp," which "Gives the light to the whole house."

Santa Claus is thus the giver of the supreme gift in the human body, the oil for the perpetual lamp the gold of Ophir, the quintessence of richness.

A total lack of oil in the body will, in itself, cause death.

Additional reading reccomendation by Santos:


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