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Crop Circle Decoded: Return of the Maya’s Quetzalcoatl on May 20, 2012?

East Kennett, Avebury crop circle on August 9, 2005

East Kennett, Avebury crop circle on August 9, 2005

A recently decoded crop circle predicts the return of the Mayan deity, Quetzalcoatl on May 20, 2012.

East Kennett July 22, 2010 10 pyramids with 5 levels.  Middle shows an eclipse and astrological events, transit of Venus, annular solar eclipse visible in the Pacific on May 20th, 2012.  On may 20, the Maya sun Kinich Ahau aligns with the Tsab (the sun king will align with the Pleiades <Tsab to the Maya>).

On May 20th, during the annular solar eclipse of the Pleiades, the sun, the moon, Earth and the center of the galaxy will align. This is the same alignment that some people expect on December 21, 2012.

Near the center of the formation, there are 16 feathers that refer to the fact that 16 days after the eclipse, the transit of Venus across the sun will occur on either June 5th or June 6th, depending on which side of the Earth you are on.

In East Kennett’s formation, there are 17 feathers beside the eclipse symbol that indicate the same day that Venus will transit across the sun.
July 29, 2011 Quetzalcoatl snake Woodhay Down Wiltshire
July 29, 2011 Quetzalcoatl snake Woodhay Down Wiltshire

33 big circles.  This also refers to the conjunction of Venus to the sun.  In other words, when Venus aligns with the Sun King in an event that occurred on August 16, 2011.  In this crop circle, the feathered serpent is going through the center of the solar system.  On the right is Venus and on the left is Earth. This is the conjunction between Venus and the Sun on August 16, 2011.  This formation may also represent Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign, located near the center of our galaxy. December 21, 2012 at 11:11 am, when the sun is aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, is when many believe a new beginning of our history will occur.

The Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, went to the heavens and said when he left that he would come again, and would bring his children.

Venus and the Maya

Venus and the MayaVenus: (Lamat Glyph, Venus), Chak Ek' was the astronomical object of greatest interest, the Maya knew it better than any civilization outside Mesoamerica. In Maya myth, Venus is the companion of the sun. This no doubt reflects the fact that Venus is always close to the sun in the sky, rising not long before sunrise as morning star (Ah-Chicum-Ek') or after sunset as evening star (Lamat). They thought it was more important than the Sun. They watched it carefully as it moved through its stations, it takes 584 days for Venus and the Earth to line up in their previous position as compared to the Sun. It takes about 2922 days for the Earth, Venus, the Sun, and the stars to agree. The Maya made daytime observations of Venus. Venus had a psychological effect upon the Maya, it has been shown in the Dos Pilas staircase, that the Maya were timing some of their wars based on the stationary points of Venus and Jupiter, (The famous Star War between Tikal and Dos Pilas,  Naranjo and allies). Humans were sacrificed on first appearance after Superior Conjunction when Venus was at its dimmest magnitude but they most feared the first Heliacal Rising after Inferior Conjunction. In the Dresden Codex, the Maya had an almanac that displayed the full cycle of Venus. Venus cycles were the mean synodic Venus year of 584 days and a "great cycle" of 37960 days (the lowest common multiple of the Tzolkin,  and the Venus year, equal to 104 calendar years or 2 calendar rounds). In Rio Azul's tomb 19  the Lamat or Venus Glyph is beautifully painted.  A "star war" is a full-scale war planned in accordance with specific astronomical events, usually the first appearance in the morning sky of the planet Venus. The heliacal rising of the brilliant "star" in the pre-dawn sky was considered by the Maya as a highly evil portent. As such it was an appropriate herald of warfare, at least on the part of the attacker. (Schelle)

On May 20th 2012 our moon, sun, and the Pleiades will align, and if an "authority" tells you it's dangerous to watch this event I would recommend believing the opposite, sun-gazing in general is beneficial at sunrise/sunset, so with the moon blocking significant parts of the sun on May 20 it wouldn't likely be any more "dangerous" than sun-gazing

What does this all mean?

Perhaps nothing. Predictions come and go. Whether this date marks the return of Quetzalcoatl or not, you are still here for a specific purpose or mission. Like any other information, use your own discernment. If nothing else, it's fun to think about and who knows... perhaps Quetzalcoatl will return on this date?

Time will tell :)

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