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Removing Energy Obstacles, Wayne Dyer, Removing, Energy, Obstacles, Wayne, Dyer, spiritual solution, spiritualRemoving Energy Obstacles by Wayne Dyer

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You will want to take a good look at the slower frequencies that inhibit you from increasing your vibrational state of awareness. These are the obstacles that you want to be on constant alert to change. Remember that the frequencies of soul consciousness or spirit, include the fastest vibrations of surrender, love, relationship to the infinite, quiet emptiness, generosity and gratitude, feeling connected rather than separate and finally a sense of cheerfulness. These are my definitions and they could include many subareas such as faith, hope, patience, sympathy, kindness, forgiveness and noninterference. It is these faster frequencies that you will be bringing to the front door of your life and filling every room with until there is no longer any space for those slower vibrations that seemed to fill your house with problems. The slowed down frequencies are the obstacles. They will depart when you bring the vibrational world of spirit into their presence.

In order to eliminate these slow vibrating obstacles you must see them as part of an energy field that you have become accustomed to and which will initially resist leaving your house. By persistently reminding yourself that you are not fighting these lower frequency energies they will succumb to the awareness of love’s presence. Removing energy obstacles means filling the space where they reside with faster and higher vibrations until those lower energies no longer Removing Energy Obstacles, Wayne Dyer, Removing, Energy, Obstacles, Wayne, Dyer, spiritual solution, spiritualhave any choice but to leave. They will ultimately leave your house because there is no longer any room left for them to reside and do their dirty work.

I’ve always loved the way a great Indian saint of the nineteenth century responded to his devotees when they asked him how they could rid themselves of their lower energies. "In the springtime," Vivekenanda replied, "observe the blossoms on the fruit trees. The blossoms vanish of themselves as the fruit grows. So too will the lower self vanish as the divine grows within you.

The apples do not get into a deep conflict with the blossoms that are in their designated space on the branches of the tree. There is no anger, no fear, no battle between the fruit and its blossoms. As the fruit grows the blossoms disappear. This is true also as you fill the rooms of life with the magnificent seven highest vibrating energies of spirit. As the Native Americans would say, "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.

The obstacles of the lower self have no choice but to leave. Anything that vanishes, as spirit is brought in to replace it, is an illusion in the first place. When it can disappear into thin air, then you know it wasn’t real to begin with. So, as Saint Teresa of Avila advises, "Let nothing disturb thee; Let nothing dismay thee; All things pass; God never changes He who has God Finds he lacks nothing; God alone suffices." The most significant insight in Saint Teresa’s observation is, "All things pass; God never changes.

Everything in this material world of form is in a constant state of change and ultimately will be gone. But there is also the world of the changeless that we call God and it is this unchanging spirit that will transform those things that you call problems. They will pass when you bring the infinite of the unchanging to greet them. As Saint Teresa wisely concluded, "God alone suffices.

It is comforting to know that you need not gear yourself up for a huge fight as you prepare to move problems out of your life. You are simply going to bring something to your life space that moves a little faster than you have been accustomed to. The faster energy will quietly and assuredly begin to replace that slower and lower energy which had taken up residence.

These lower energetic vibrational states in your body are responsible for any problems that inhibit your state of perfect health. By removing these incompatible energies and replacing them with the faster, more spiritual energies that are compatible with the highest states of physical well-being you can remove the illusions of disease, discomfort, fatigue, stress and the like. Furthermore, by bringing the faster vibrating energies of spirit to those illusional problems of the mind, you replace ensconced lower energies with higher spiritual energies.

Simply recognize the lower frequency energy vibrations and stay alert to ways of using spiritual solutions to eradicate them. The cast of characters that create the illusory problems include fear, worry, guilt, vanity, anger, envy, greed, gossip, hypocrisy, hate, shame, jealousy and self-centeredness. There are volumes written about these low energy vibrations and the self-destructive impact they can have on your life. Some of those books were written by yours truly, so I have opted not to go into detail here. I believe that you have a pretty good idea about how these low energy vibrations of the mind work. You know when they are present and you know how you feel when you allow them in your daily life.

At this point, I only want you to be aware that they not only interfere with your happiness and fulfillment as a person, but that they can be viewed as lower energies which you have the power to remove. How? By accessing a higher, faster energy pattern that I am calling a spiritual solution.

excerpt from ’There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem’

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