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Welcome to in5d News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If you've noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear and terror in their attempt to control us through specific agendas. in5d does not advocate fear-mongering propaganda and views ALL news as a potential for awakening the masses in as many ways as possible. Some news, such as Earth changes, show us the balance that is needed in all areas of life, while some political news shows us how this current paradigm of corruption is collapsing from within, which is integral in becoming a Type 1 civilization.

For the record, in5d is NOT anti-Obama, we are PRO-TRUTH in ALL facets of life. Also, on occasion, In5D will post an Alex Jones, Mark Dice, etc... video despite their shill/divide and conquer tendencies because once in a great while they actually come up with something beneficial.

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October 22, 2014

GMO Backlash: Syngenta Faces Mounting Lawsuits Over Genetically-Modified Seeds
MSM Blackout! Eric Holder's DOJ Implicated On Multiple Corruption Charges
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 152 The Ebola Scare with Mike Adams
Astronomically Aligned Ancient Temples Faced The Sky And Linked To All Its Secrets
Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s
Every Hour of TV Watching Shortens Your Life
For All Smokers: These 6 Amazing Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body
3 Low Cost Superfoods
The Benefits of Apple Cleansing
Most Vaccines Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients, But What More…?
Monsanto Panics: Drops Another $3.5 Million to Defeat GMO Labeling in Oregon and Colorado
Best foods to detoxify the body
SELLOUT: WebMD promoted Obamacare in exchange for secret payments of almost $14 million
Glyphosate and aluminum in vaccines associated with rise of autism epidemic
Fluoridated water calcifies your arteries: study
Solar Eclipse, Flare Watch | S0 News October 22, 2014
Has The Archonic Reincarnation Trap Been Dissolved?
Schumann Resonance
In5D Daily Pictures October 22, 2014 NEW!

October 21, 2014
Did The Dragon Family Take Control Of The Federal Reserve Board FWIW... Wilcock response
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 131 Remote Viewing Expert Courtney Brown
First Contact Radio 10/21/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Bookof Enoch, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 21
Fritz Springmeier: Illuminati Facts Exposed
Exposed! Ebola Czar Ron Klain Says "Overpopulation" Is Today's Biggest Problem
CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines for Hospital Hazmat Suit Use Against Ebola
Fight for Raw Milk Heats Up in Wisconsin and Illinois
Mysterious And Unexplained Ancient Rock Carving Depicting Human Discovered On Mars
NASA Confirms A 2,500-Square-Mile Cloud Of Methane Floating Over US Southwest
Creating False Reality with the Green Screen
Obama Administration controls press reports, what information journalists are allowed to share
Whistleblower secret audio: the Fed secretly serves the interests of big banks
Judge: U.S. corporations can't be punished for supporting murders and war crimes in other countries
Survey reveals huge differences in cost of organic foods from Whole Foods and other stores
Chemical contamination in environment, including pharmaceuticals, are 'growing at exponential rate'
GM wheat discovered contaminating wheat fields in Montana
Siding Spring Updates, 5 M Flares | S0 News October 21, 2014
Ebola, Vaccines, Immunity And You - A 5D Perspective
Schumann Resonance 8.50
In5D Daily Pictures October 21, 2014 NEW!

October 20, 2014
Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard Arrested
Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
Kelley Rosano: Scorpio Solar Eclipse and Mercury Direct
The Secrets of Scientology: Full Documentary
Ebola Hoax: 100% Revealed! NYT+ CNN Caught Using Crisis Actors! Must See
Did Siding Spring Discharge with Mars?
First Contact Radioi 10/20/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Kaballah lesson 13, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 20
Ultimate Fainting/Passout Compilation + Ebola Hoax Actor Fail Exposed
The Ebola Agenda -- Dr. Mark Sircus
Ultimate Fainting/Passout Compilation + Ebola Hoax Actor Fail Exposed
HyperReport: Ebola Politics?
New Report Reveals Which Yogurts Are Healthy, and Which Are Best Avoided
Ancient Flying Disc Discovered On Old Monastery Painting
Sensational Discoveries In Norway Revealed By Melting Ice
Doctor Suggests That Marijuana Can Protect You From Ebola
7 Natural Pain Relievers Found in Your Kitchen
Soft Drink Consumption Will Age You As Fast As Smoking - 10 Reasons To Avoid Them
How Yoga Heals The Diseased Heart
Bhang : Entheogenic Use of Cannabis in India
Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Cause Excessive Bleeding, Other ‘Ebola-Like’ Side Effects
Experts Slam German Report Deeming Monsanto’s RoundUp, Glyphosate ‘Safe’
Secrets to hair rejuvenation
New York emergency dispatchers restricted from saying 'Ebola' over radio
California crop harvests plummet as drought takes toll on national food supply
Obama appoints Ron Klain, Democrat Party insider with no medical expertise, as Ebola czar
14 California communities now on verge of waterless-ness
Landslide, Flare/Quake Uptick Review | S0 News October 20, 2014
Welcome To 1984: Account Terminated On "Guantanamo" eBay For Prepping
Schumann Resonance 8.50
In5D Daily Pictures October 20, 2014 NEW!

October 19, 2014
Ebo-Lie: Man Living In Ghana Confirms Ebola Is A Hoax!
Greg Hunter: Paul Craig Roberts-Fed Afraid Rising Gold will Sink Dollar
Expansions News - NASA UFO Hoax, Ebola Vaccine Threat, Poppin' Poop Pills
Webre: Rafapal: Healing Jews’ Trauma from their Duality-based god Yahweh
X-Class Solar Flare (X1.1) Earth Facing -- Multiple views from SDO
How Curry Can Kill Cancer Cells
Scientists Work Toward Mirroring Photosynthesis for Green Fuel
Proctor & Gamble Won’t Remove Cancer-Causing Ingredients from Products
Red Algae Extract Defends Against Ebola, HIV, SARS, and More
Powerful New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Oct./Nov. 2014 -- The Power of Love!
Rising Frequencies with Andrea Covington Mullaney & Lisa Rising Berry
What’s in Your Bottle and What’s Not
Was The World's Oldest Telescope Developed By Ancient Assyrian Astronomers?
Busted: Popular “Non-GMO” Tortilla Chips Found to Contain 75% GMOs
Cornucopia Institute identifies industrial factory farms illegally passing off meat as 'organic'
What's the best water to drink while on a detox?
FDA actively blocking fast Ebola detection technology in America
X Class Solar Flare | S0 News October 19, 2014
Attention Galactic Warriors: Where Do We Go From Here?
Author, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon Passes On
Schumann Resonance - 8.50
In5D Daily Pictures October 19, 2014 NEW!

October 18, 2014
FEMA Region II Conducting Full Scale 'Pandemic Drills' Amidst Ebola Crisis
Max Igan: We Live in a World of Deception
David Icke on the control system and looking forward to returning to Wembley on October 25th
Weekly Astrology Horoscope for October 19 to 25, 2014 by Nadiya Shah
New Film “Second Opinion” Exposes the Truth About a 40-Yr Long Cover-Up of Laetrile
Do New Oracle Bone Characters Predict Future Events?
The Truth About Cancer – Must Watch Docu-Series
Study: Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Associated with Childhood Obesity
Keep these 7 Superfoods Fresh for Longer
Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda
Maui, Hawaii Tries to Oust Monsanto: Vote for GMO Initiative Due November 4th
Supreme Court Investigation: USA and UK Taxpayer Monies Funding Forced Sterilizations in India
Austin Business Diverts Food Scraps to Organic Gardens by Bicycle
Comet Siding Spring Is Here | S0 News October 18, 2014
Why it is Important to Change Your ‘Frequency’
Schumann Resonance
In5D Daily Pictures October 18, 2014 NEW!

October 17, 2014
Our Ebola Czar: Bureaucrat with No Medical Experience Who Helped Fuel the Housing Bubble
Santos Bonacci is On the Run After Failing to Pay Fines stay safe, Santos!
Obama's New Ebola 'Czar' Has NO Health or Medical Background
The Conspiracy to Stop Your Vote | Jesse Ventura
Jim Dellicolli: October 23 2014 Scorpio New Moon Eclipse Power time
First Contact Radio 10/17/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 17
Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend
Greg Hunter: Ebola Update-Airborne? Stock Market Plunge, China is the World's Largest Economy
Clif High update
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 135 David Hooper - Anatomy of a Great Deception
Jeff Rense & Marcus Wynne - Narrative Warfare
HyperReport: Ebola Questions
Walking More May Be Key for a Longer, Healthier Life
Cave Paintings Dated 3000 BC Discovered By Russian Archaeologists
Fast Food Overseas is Healthier…Why is the U.S. so far Behind? eugenics and stupidity
3 Sweeteners that will KILL Your Sugar Habit Before it Kills You
8 Powerful Natural Health Strategies To Prevent The Flu #9 1000mg Vitamin C 3x a day
Masters of War – You Lie and Deceive
Invisible Biometrics: Your Voice is Your New ID
Have You Heard About the Euphoric Healing Plant That is Still Legal in the US?
Research says gratitude can reverse aging, stress and ill health
Four signs that you are letting yourself be controlled by other people
Are US biowarfare labs behind the Ebola epidemic? duh...
Doctors warn that 80% of patients are contaminated with high levels of toxic mercury
M4.3 Solar Flare, Huge Sunspots | S0 News October 17, 2014
The Effects Of A Magnetic Pole Reversal
Schumann Resonance - 8.70
In5D Daily Pictures October 17, 2014 NEW!

October 16, 2014
UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The Great Shift begins in 2017
The Conspiracy to Keep Us Behind Bars | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
First Contact Radio 10/16/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Bringers of Dawn - ch14, Daily Meditation
First Contact Radio 10/15/14 - Esotric Science, UFOs, Piri ReisMap, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 16
Bono's One Foundation Keeps 98% of Charity Funds
Elon Musk: We'll Have Driverless Cars by 2023
Prescription Drugs Now Factor in Higher % of Fatal Car Crashes Than Alcohol or Marijuana
Sunduki: 'Home Of The Gods' And A Spectacular 16,000 Year-Old Astronomical Observatory
Study: People Trained in Yoga and Meditation Better Able to Operate Computers with Their Minds
Broccoli Sprouts May Show Promise In Treating Autism
Why Each Year Seems to Disappear More Quickly Than the Last
New Pesticide for GM Crops Approved for Market Despite Public Outcry
Deprogramming Can Change Humanity’s Course
Victory: Judge Deprives Monsanto of GM Planting Permit in Mexico, Protects the Bees
The hidden dangers of wireless baby monitors
52% of the world's animals have died off in just four decades
Medical doctor cures herself of multiple sclerosis naturally
Solar Analysis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes | S0 News October 16, 2014
5 Signs We Are Ready for a Paradigm Shift
Schumann Resonance
In5D Daily Pictures October 16, 2014 NEW!

October 15, 2014
Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Possibility: Confirmed
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 126 The Masons, the UN, and the N.W.O. with Carl Teichrib
Compound in Celery Found to Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells
George Noory Goes #OffTheGrid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
Free Energy: Vortex Based Mathematics
Tom Lescher: Astrology for the Soul October 15, 2014
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 15
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 125 Privacy Expert Katherine Albrecht ‘Spychips’
Greg Hunter: John Williams-We’re Coming to the End Game
The Link Between Obesity and Cancer
Mystery of The Tower of Babel - The Mountain Of God Or A Symbol Of Chaos And Ignorance?
“Doomsday Seed Vault” - Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t
If You’re Still Running Scared of Salt, Read This
Which Foods Are Irradiated and Sterilized For Claims of Safety?
Aluminum in Food, Cosmetics and Medicine Is Poisoning Our Brains And Causing Alzheimers
The Giza Pyramids – Unravelling the Mystery
10 Food Facts That May Surprise You
Corn can be bred to be rich in vitamin A naturally, without the use of questionable GMO technology
Three medicinal mushrooms that are proven to fight disease
Earth Pole Reversal, BIG Solar Eruption | S0 News October 15, 2014
Are You A Sleep Warrior?
Schumann Resonance - 8.29
In5D Daily Pictures October 15, 2014 NEW!

October 14, 2014
Congressional Office Receives Documents from CDC Whistleblower William Thompson
Ebola, Cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, Obamacare and the CFR: What Exactly Is Going on Here?
Ben Fulford update
Freeman Fly: Freemasons Funding Mind Control
Roger Stone Is Back! | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
50% of 'World Wealth' Owned by the 1%
First Contact Radio 10/14/14 - soteric Science, UFOs, Book of Enoch, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 14
Freeman Fly: Can We Trust Freemasons?
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 124 Jim Johnson & Louis Manzo
Regenerative Agriculture Is the Answer to Many of the World’s Most Pressing Problems
Ruins At The Foot Of Sacred Mount Changbai Reveal The Oldest Royal Temple
So Where Are We Now?
Give up Vegetable Oil for Healthier Coconut Oil
Recent College Graduate Develops Food Label Which Could Greatly Reduce Waste
This Superseed Can Slow the Aging Process and Fight off the Flu
The Evidence That Consciousness Creates Reality: Welcome To The Matrix
Homeless Share Facts About Themselves That May Surprise You
Carnegie Scientist in Chemtrail Game Admits, “They are Likely to Cause Some Damage”
Scientific American Bashes GMO Labeling as ‘Unscientific’
Debt collectors track subprime loan borrowers, disable vehicles to punish poor for late payments
FDA approves experimental use of antiviral drug for Ebola, but not colloidal silver or Echinacea
NIH pushing to vaccinate entire countries with Ebola vaccine
S0 News: waiting for upload
Divine Magical Action
Schumann Resonance 8.23
In5D Daily Pictures October 14, 2014 NEW!

October 13, 2014
Robert Perala Interviews James Gilliland
First Contact Radio 10/13/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Kaballah lesson 12, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 13
If It's So Real, Why The Massive 'Ebola Is Real' Propaganda Campaign?
Max Igan - Peoples Internet Radio Ireland - Oct 13th, 2014
Obama Using Military as Ebola Guinea Pigs
NIH: 'We May Have to Vaccine Entire Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak'
History Of Secret Societies: Knights Templar, Illuminati, Assassins, Freemasons
Combat Acid with Raw Potato Juice
The 9 Germiest Places in Your Kitchen
Bill Gates Faces Trial in India for Illegally Testing Tribal Children with Vaccines
The 64 Countries that Require GMO Labeling – U.S. Buckles Under Biotech Pressure
Ebola Hoax New World Order Psyop Exposed - Worldwide Alert
Turmeric Compound Boosts Regeneration of Brain Stem Cells, and More
'Vampire' Grave Unearthed In An Ancient Tracian City of Perperikon
Stunning And Beautiful Mosaic Discovered In Mysterious Amphipolis Casta Tomb In Greece
Official: Fleas in Arizona testing positive for plague
Ontario government recognizes neonicotinoids as 'the biggest threat' to the environment
Flare Uptick Expected, Major Storms, Earthspots | S0 News October 13, 2014
Pluto in Capricorn - Old Patterns Can No Longer Exist
Schumann Resonance 8.50
In5D Daily Pictures October 13, 2014 NEW!

October 12, 2014
Webre: VIDEO: Expose EbolaGate, Arrest the Perps, Stay healthy with Vitamin C
Draconian Liberia Cancels Elections, Seeks Control of Speech, Religion and Private Property
Copy of James Rickards-Next Crash Exponentially Larger than Any Financial Panic in History FULL
Greg Hunter: James Rickards-Next Crash Exponentially Larger than Any Financial Panic in History
HyperReport: Fear Threatens Civil Rights
Weekly Astrology Horoscope for October 12 to 18, 2014 by Nadiya Shah
Bolivia Gives Legal Rights To The Earth Bolivia "gets it"
Peter Kling & Alfred Webre: NWO Facebook hits, ISIS & Ebola False Flags & The + Time Line
Juicing—One of the Best Tools for Improving Your Health
Mysterious Book Explains The Holy Bible's Contradictions
15 Lies Your Subconscious Brain is Secretly Telling You to Prevent Your Wildest Dreams
4 Ways to Make Your Visualization Actually Manifest
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Onions
When Sugar Plays Mind Games Your Health Suffers
The Round City Concept
Big Win! Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops
Move over white noise: pink noise may help people sleep more soundly
Beyond obesity: Western diet shown to make people stupid
Tucson considers banning neonicotinoid pesticides to save bees and environment
Volcano, Spaceweather, Comet Siding Spring | S0 News October 12, 2014
Understanding the Merkabah – Inter-Dimensional Travel
Schumann Resonance - 8.50
In5D Daily Pictures October 12, 2014 NEW!

October 11, 2014
Great News! Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills Ebola In Two Minutes
Ben Fuchs on Cancel The Cabal | Nutrition & The Hideous Medical Establishment
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 147 Ty Bollinger & Linda Moulton Howe
Hawk attacks Drone
YelloRoseForTexas: Ed's (The Sun's) Big Freak Out & More
Amanda Bynes Mind Control Microchip Implanted in Her Brain - Illuminati MK-ULTRA Victim?
Truthiracy: Animal Intelligence
“The Future of Food”—GMOs, Gene Patenting, and the Corporatization of Our Food Supply
Mysterious: Unique And Rare Terracotta Giraffe Figurines Unearthed At Chhattisgarh's Tarighat
Bronze Age Palace And Prince's Tomb With Treasures Discovered In Spain
Climate Engineering, Dangerous Proposal Or Lethal Reality?
Vaccination detoxification - How to remove heavy metals and other vaccine toxins
Why Are the Farmers Depressed and Suicidal?
Top 5 Companies Trying to Stop GMO Labeling in Colorado
Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 – Detention of Americans with “Respiratory Illnesses”
Filament Erupts, Terrible Flooding | S0 News October 11, 2014
How to Transcend the Concept of Duality
Schumann Resonance - 8.30
In5D Daily Pictures October 11, 2014 NEW!

October 10, 2014
Rising Frequencies with Andrea Covington Mullaney & Lisa Rising Berry
Red Ice Radio - Kevin MacDonald - Khazar Theory & Occidental Observations
Conversations With ... Jim Self and Geoff Hoppe - September 2014
How 'Mandatory Ebola Vaccines' Will Soon Be Reality
Map of Every Country's Highest-Valued Export
Nancy Pelosi, Tom Steyer, and YOUR $$$
Full sequence! - 'Large 'OBJECT' near ISS - October 9 2014
First Contact Radio 10/10/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 10
Jeff Rense & John Carman - Breach At The White House
The David Icke Videocast: Here & There
Legendary Atlantis In Antarctica? Tracking The Myths Of A Lost Island Paradise
How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar As a Medicine
8 Tips for Storing Herbs and Spices
7 Reasons to Throw Out Your Regular Flour and Replace it with Coconut Flour
10 Reasons To Skip The Wine and Stick To Grape Juice
The Ongoing Propaganda War Behind GMOs Exposed
Read This before You Pop Another Big Pharma Antibiotic
Rediscover the healing wonders of raw apple cider vinegar
Fed up with Washington, almost 1 in 4 Americans support seceding from the union
Flu shot facts for those considering the vaccinations
Planets, Comet, Methane, Spaceweather | S0 News October 10, 2014
HyperReport: Ebola Coffins?
Are All Spirit Guides Of The False Light?
Schumann Resonance - 8.30
In5D Daily Pictures October 10, 2014 NEW!

October 9, 2014
Blood Moon UFO Revised with stills 08-10-2014
Three Roadblocks to Being Eco-Conscious | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
TRUTHSEEKAH/The Occult Power of Music on The Naked Truth with Kelli In The Raw
Another FOIA Request Denied and Anderson Cooper Slips 'TWA 800 Shot Down'
Transpicuous News Ep 2 - Zombie Apocalypse 101
First Conatct Radio 10/9/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Bringers of Dawn Ch13, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 9
Why Are Cancer Links to Astroturf Being Ignored?
Truthiracy: Blood of Hue Man
How To Keep Your Brain Young
Mixing Baking Soda and Lemon Can Save Lives
Juice These, Not Those
5 Ways to Make Your Own Non Toxic, Totally Kissable Lipstick
Amino Acid Arginine Found As Effective As Drugs For Glucose Metabolism And Diabetes
Science is subject to error, misinterpretation and, yes, fraud
America's youth adorning their bodies with demonic, 3D tattoos
Yoga is a 'life changing' practice that reduces bipolar symptoms, anxiety, depression, and more
Skin creams found to have mercury levels 100s of 1000s times higher than FDA-approved limits
Solar Flares, Big Earthquake | S0 News October 9, 2014
Awakened Warriors Arise
Schumann Resonance - 8.08
In5D Daily Pictures October 9, 2014 NEW!

October 8, 2014
China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy
Collective Imagination Sept 30-14
Red Ice Radio - Jon Rappoport - CDC Fraud Vaccine Autism Link & Ebola
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 122 Part 2 To Mars and Back with Richard C. Hoagland
Tom Lescher: Astrology for the Soul October 7, 2014
Disgusted Journalist Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!
First Contact Radio 10/8/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Sukkot, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 8
James Gilliland on As you wish talk radio
"We're Screwed": MSM Caught on Hot Mic at White House Ebola Press Briefing
Greg Hunter - Charles Nenner: Scary Deflation on Horizon, Gold Update and Nuclear War
Project Camelot: Kerry Interviews Jimmy Church
Max Igan - Pattie Walkinturtle - These Changing Times Radio
Max Igan - Global Freedom Movement Interview
Corrupt Law Officers Are Trying To Criminalize Carrying Cash only in AmeriKa
Mysterious India: Chhattisgarh Finds And Out-Of-This-World Legends
Could Dairy Consumption Lower Risk of Obesity?
Study: Artificial Sweeteners Mess With Gut Bacteria and May Increase Risk of Diabetes
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Only Leads In One Direction - Health
A Call To Hearts Lifting to the Higher Self
CDC Announces Astronomical Autism Rate: 1 in 68 Children
2 Ancient Root Herbs Boost White Blood Cell Count, Total Immunity
Vaccination detoxification - How to remove heavy metals and other vaccine toxins
Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all
Fracking contaminates drinking water in Texas and Pennsylvania with carcinogenic chemicals
Mother campaigns for clean water after arsenic-associated cancer took son's life
Earthquakes Return, Earthspots | S0 News October 8, 2014
Dogon Legend Of The Nommos Fish People
Schumann Resonance -
In5D Daily Pictures October 8, 2014 NEW!

October 7, 2014
Blood Moon - 'Total Lunar Eclipse' Will Greet Early Risers In North America
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 121 President of the John Birch Society, John F. McManus
First Contact Radio 10/7/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Book of Enoch, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 7
The Reset Button Movement - Paradigm Shift Video
Scientists create crystal which would allow us to breathe underwater
Is the Bilderberg Group Behind Ebola?
"We're Screwed" Major Garrett open mic briefing U.S.response to Ebola Outbreak
Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor's home to avoid questions
Alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation
What Whistleblowers Tell Us About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness
Prehistoric Dream Of Secret Cavern Became Reality
The Cosmic Story: Aries Lunar Eclipse 2014
Technology Now Available Commercially Can Test How Toxic A Substance Is To Your DNA
20 Medications That Cause Memory Loss
10 Easy Monsanto-Free Tips to Get Rid of Weeds
‘GMO Frankenfoods Should be Labeled’: Bill Maher Talks About Monsanto, GMOs
Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity
Heal Gum Disease in a Week or Less
The best prepper websites to help your family prepare for the coming collapse
GMO lies vs. reality: 10 facts you need to know about Seralini biotech study
Solar Tornados, Deep Oceans Not Warming | S0 News October 7, 2014
How To Make Colloidal Silver - The TREATMENT for Ebola?
Schumann Resonance - 8.25
In5D Daily Pictures October 7, 2014 NEW!

October 6, 2014
Welcome to Americanadexico: New CFR Blueprint for a North American Union Super Grid
Ben Fulford update wilcock response
Insider: Ebola Was An Inside Job
Freeman Fly: What is so bad about Aleister Crowley
First Contact Radio 10/6/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Kaballah lesson 11, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 6
Expansions News - New Enterovirus "Threat", ISIS & Staged Alien Invasion
The 2,000-Year-Old Footprint Discovered In The Hellenistic Port City Of Parion
Vitcos Peru: Last Refuge Of The Inca Built Around More Ancient Megaliths
Doctors, Scientists and Survivors Break "Code Of Silence" And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer
Look What Starbucks is Putting in Pumpkin Spice Lattes
This Super Fat Food Needs To Be In Your Diet
Monsanto Scandal Causes Reopening of US Investigation of GMO Wheat
CDC scientist: he would never inject his pregnant wife with a flu vaccine because of all the mercury
Monsanto's 'zombie wheat' case reveals serious legal vulnerabilities in business model
University scientist openly advocated Ebola release to kill off 90 percent of world population
Scientists warn humanity: the signs of sixth mass extinction are upon us
US Southwest Alert, Records Broken | S0 News October 6, 2014
HyperReport: Wealth Wipe Out
Ascension - Altering The World From Within
Schumann Resonance - 8.23
In5D Daily Pictures October 6, 2014 NEW!

October 5, 2014
Cosmic Awakening Show- How To Revoke False Light Contracts With Cameron Day
Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 5-11, 2014 by Nadiya Shah
Bases Conference Speakers Q&A Sunday
Second 'Blood Moon' of 2014 Happens On October 8th
You Are 100% Right About Silver -- The Wealth Watchman
Greg Hunter: Rob Kirby-Physical Gold and Silver Contracts Default in 2014
Monsanto Announces "Global Center" for Developing GMO Corn In Mexico
The Best 9/11 Evidence - Richard Gage, AE911Truth, ReThink 9/11 & The Path Forward
Peter Slattery: The Shift to New Earth has happened; Some are on New Earth and exposing Matrix
Declassified: Top Al Qaeda Leader Worked for FBI - Confirmed FBI Asset and Patsy
Is Everything We Know About Nicotine Wrong?
The Power of Sound
Study: Can Gut Bacteria Diversity Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You – Are We Doing It Wrong?
Time Magazine Reveals Autism Fraud: Oops!
High Doses of Vitamin C Could Rid the Body of the Ebola Virus
Good Labels Gone Bad: Time to Boycott Burt’s Bees and Tom’s of Maine
24-year-old woman missing entire cerebellum exemplifies the amazing power of brain plasticity
Peanut butter CEO reportedly conspired to ship Salmonella-tainted peanut butter that killed 9 people
The Calm Before The Storm | S0 News October 5, 2014
Is the Human Race Evolving to Have Three Strands of DNA?
Schumann Resonance -
In5D Daily Pictures October 5, 2014 NEW!

October 4, 2014
Project Camelot: Randy Cramer U.S. Marine - Earth Defense Force
Did The UN Just Pass The Global Patriot Act?
Expert Doctor: CDC Is Asleep At The Wheel Or Lying
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 140 Editor Of The Hat Trick Newsletter Dr. Jim Willie
DIY Gun-Making Milling Machine Sells Out In 36 Hours
New Documentary “Symphony of the Soil” Extols the Importance and Mystery of Soil
How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain
Psych Experiment Tricks Students Into Believing in Non-Existent Career
Russian government warns against panic as national currency plummets toward collapse
$22 trillion spent on failed 'War on Poverty' over last five decades
Dallas Ebola patient was originally sent home from hospital with useless antibiotics
Super Typhoon, Eclipse, Spaceweather | S0 News October 4, 2014
The Secret to Becoming Psychic
Schumann Resonance - 8.17
In5D Daily Pictures October 4, 2014 NEW!

October 3, 2014
Green Fireball Caught on Camera During Live News Broadcast - Oct. 2
Live Q&A W/ Drunvalo Melchizedek Episode 13 w ATIH teacher Carolina Cocis
Powerful Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Aries Oct. 2014 -- Explore New Alternatives
Jim Self: Plantery Update - October 2014
Freeman Fly: Satanic Secret of Celebrities
First Contact Radio 10/3/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 3
Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter
The David Icke Videocast: Silencing The 'Truthers'
The Lost City Of The Tairona Hidden In The Jungles Of Colombia
3 Dental Procedures That Should Be Avoided Like The Plague
Compound in Celery Found to Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells
Confession of a Dr. Who Drank Cannabis Oil: “I Had Cancer, Cannabis Oil Brought My Life Back”
Make Your Own Tropically Twisted Anti-Aging Potions at Home Using Coconut Oil
5 Reasons Why Sweating is Healthy and What Happens When You Don’t
Dangers of Smart Meters Extend Beyond Radiation Exposure
What is an Empath and Are You One?
First GMO Mosquitoes: Now Oxitec Wants to Release GMO Moths in New York
Woman Uses Carrot Juice to Beat Stage 4 Cancer!
M7 Solar Flare, Quakes, Storm Alert | S0 News October 3, 2014
HyperReport: Global Economy In Trouble
Why Astral Travel?
Schumann Resonance - 8.15
In5D Daily Pictures October 3, 2014 NEW!

October 2, 2014
October 2014 Astrology Forecast with Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine
Project Camelot: Scott Bennett : CIA, Swiss Banks Fund Isis
First Contact Radio 10/2/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Bringers of the Dawn ch12, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 2
Let Go of Clutter and Live a More Simple Life
8 Herbal Remedies You Can Grow Yourself
Eat These 5 Foods Every Day for Over-the-Top Energy
Earth Has Lost Half of its Wildlife in the Past 40 Years, Says WWF
Monsanto & Big Food Dump Over $8.15 MILLION to Defeat GMO Labeling in Colorado
The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media
Harmful polyethylene microbeads are found in popular toothpastes
Mercury Spectrum Disorder - neuronal cell damage for life from vaccinations
CDC whistleblower tells the world he was ordered to lie by CDC officials
A brief history of governments deploying weaponized pandemics against innocent populations
Governments seize colloidal silver being used to successfully treat Ebola patients
Plasma Penetrates, Comet Approaches Mars | S0 News October 2, 2014
Beyond Imagination! The Cosmic Wildcard
Schumann Resonance -
In5D Daily Pictures October 2, 2014 NEW!

October 1, 2014
Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Urged Releasing Bio-Weapon to Reduce "Overpopulation"
Patient Zero: Watch the CDC Director Contradict Himself on How Ebola Is Spread
Tom Lescher: Astrology for the Soul October 1, 2014
First Contact Radio 10/1/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Atlantis, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 1
Jesse Ventura: I Don’t Want to Live in A Stephen King World
'Mystery Fireballs' Rain Down From the Sky In Michigan
Greg Hunter: Karl Denninger-Headed for a 1930’s Style Depression
Over 50 ancient geoglyphs, including swastika, discovered in Kazakhstan
8 Superfoods That Aren't All That Super
12 Everyday Miracle Fixes Using Beer
5 Super-safe Homemade Acid Reflux Remedies Found in Your Kitchen
From Sparkling Dishes to Natural Deodorant… See What Baking Soda Can Do
Doctors, Scientists and Survivors Break Their 'Code Of Silence', Expose The TRUTH About Cancer
You Knew It Was Coming: U.S. Department of Defense Begins Safety Testing For Ebola Vaccine
Genetics Research—A Largely Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?
Fukushima fallout in California 1000x Greater than Expected: What You can Do
11 Extraordinary Out-Of-Place Artifacts That Science Cannot Explain
Resonance In the Altavista Petroglyphs - Mexico - The Altavista Paleolithic Ruins
Bioactive Compound in Turmeric Regenerates Brain Stem Cells
25 alternative treatments for warts
Magnesium for MS, ALS and Epilepsy
Kill Internal Parasites Easily with these 8 Herbs
How was this not planned in advance? Ebola vaccine ready for human trials in weeks, not years
X100,000 Flare, Earthquake Uptick | S0 News October 1, 2014
What To Do When Your Partner Is Not On The Spiritual Path
Schumann Resonance - 8.38
In5D Daily Pictures October 1, 2014 NEW!

September 30, 2014
They Made Your World Based on This
45 Liters of Live Polio Virus Dumped in River by GSK
Ron Paul: Government Is A Bigger Threat To Our Liberties Than ISIS
Former Navy SEAL: Military Industrial Complex Is Keeping Us In State Of Eternal War
First US Ebola Case Diagnosed In Texas
Collective Imagination Sept 23-14
First Contact Radio 9/30/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Book of Enoch cont., Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, September 30
NY Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as Domestic 'Extremist Threats'
October 8, 2014 Total Eclipse/Aries Full Moon 2014 Wake up time!
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 136 Space, Moon, Mars, and More with Mike Bara
Whistleblower Releases Tapes Exposing Federal Reserve Corruption
Magnesium crucial to prevent congestive heart failure
Massive vaccine cover-up confirmed: Secret documents prove vaccines cause autism
Pharma companies conspired to keep more affordable generic products off the market, FTC claims
Fluoridated Water Can Calcify Arteries, Study Finds
Disney Corporation: Making Evil Look Good?
Incredible Ancient Masks Reveal Presence Of Giants In Bolivia
6 Unsolved Viking Mysteries
20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life
Tapping Into Your Memories from Before the Birth of Our Sun
8 Ways to Let More Love Into Your Life
9 Things You Probably Don't Know About Pineapples
Sit Less To Prevent Osteoporosis
New Insight: Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride
Nutrition Nonsense: 10 ‘Health Foods’ that Are Killing You
Solar Pole Flip, Solar Tornados, Spaceweather | S0 News Sept 30, 2014
Bizarre Time Anomaly Is Sweeping The Planet!
Schumann Resonance - 8.17
In5D Daily Pictures September 30, 2014 NEW!

September 29, 2014
When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention
Housing Prices Will Fall Nationally, And It's Fed. Policy Causing It. By Gregory Mannarino
Aries Lunar Eclipse has a Grand Fire Trine
Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation
Ben Fulford update
First Contact Radio 9/29/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Kaballah lesson 9, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, September 29
Greg Hunter: Gregory Mannarino-We Are Going to Global War
CIA Admits Producing Major Movies & TV Shows - Entertainment Industry Liaison Office Exposed
Open Sourcing 3D Printing Hydroponics!
Full Fat Dairy May Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes and Other Health Problems
The Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls
6 Toxic Products To Eliminate From Your Home
Kidney stones - natural remedies, prevention, and what really causes them
Cola Companies To Start Cutting Calories – But the Calories are the Least of Our Soda Worries
Raw Milk to Be Sold in U.K. Vending Machines
The Apple Cider Vinegar Fat Loss Mystery Explained
This Is What Can Happen To The Body When Your Sushi Is Not So Fresh
Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped
This Organic Oil Could Reduce DNA Damage from Eating GMOs
Canadian beekeepers file lawsuit against Bayer, Syngenta over bee-killing neonicotinoids
What's killing all the sea stars along the West Coast?
Water rationing hits California: limit of 50 gallons per person per day or face fines of $500
Deadly Quake, Storm Alerts, Spaceweather | S0 News Sept 29, 2014
HyperReport: Spotlight On Fed
Do We Need Our Chakras?
Schumann Resonance - 8.17
In5D Daily Pictures September 29, 2014 NEW!

September 28, 2014

Russia Discovers Massive Arctic Oil Field Which May Be Larger Than Gulf Of Mexico
How Goldman Controls The New York Fed: 47.5 Hours Of "The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes"
Tapes showing meek oversight of Goldman are about to rock Wall Street
Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 119 EMF and Smart Meters
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 120 Man Made: The Chronicles of our Extraterrestrial Gods
Dr. Bart Ehrman - Bible Contradictions Prove It Cannot Be Used Historically
Expansions News - Oklahoma Beheading, Icelandic Sea Monster, Satanism In Schools
Vatican archbishop found with more than 100,000 child porn videos
Impressive view of Mount Ontake eruption in Japan -- 30 killed in Large ash flow
John Cusack: Hollywood is a Whorehouse Filled With Crazy People
Processed Meats Too Dangerous for Human Consumption older report, good read
Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 28 to October 4, 2014 by Nadiya Shah
Huge Georgia Guidestones Update - Mystery Cube Removed and Destroyed
Chiron Last: Love - The Eternal Bargain
Why Your Chair Is Killing You, and What You Can Do About It
Mysterious Visions Inside The Secret Ancient Caves Of Cornwall
Why Sugar Is Wrecking Your Health & How To Quit
Know Your Salts: Different Types of Salt and Their Benefits
The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity
Shifting Realities, Feedback Loops and Truly Getting Free
M5 Solar Flare, Volcano, Severe Weather | S0 News Sept 28, 2014
16 of Nature’s Best Natural Pain Killers
'Dark zones' in GMO technology research allow secret development of deadly bioweapons
Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA
Schumann Resonance -
In5D Daily Pictures September 28, 2014 NEW!

September 27, 2014
Kevin Annett: Euro Police join ITCCS take down of Satanic networks in Vatican, Monarchies...
Rob Schneider Demonized For Questioning Vaccines
Fantastical World of Hormones
Resonance In The Pyramids Of La Maná - Ecuador
Questioning Reality, Like Never Before
29 Health Benefits of Celery
Study: Sunblock’s Previously Unknown Toxic Consequences
How Artificial Sweeteners Induce Diabetes and Obesity Related Changes
New Brain Tech Reveals Past Thoughts and Memories
NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact
Strange Clouds, GMOs, Solar Eruption Threat | S0 News Sept 27, 2104
How To Survive As A Multidimensional Being In A Limited Consciousness
Schumann Resonance -
In5D Daily Pictures September 27, 2014 NEW!

September 26, 2014
Ron Paul "People Aren't Looking For Another War!"
Masons and Islam in the Vatican – Leo Lyon Zagami fwiw, I think zagami is disinfo
Options Action: Silver May Be About To Skyrocket + Market Updates. By Gregory Mannarino
The Great Secret of Water - Dr. Gerald H. Pollack
Govt Paid WebMD 14 Million To Promote ObamaCare on World's Most Popular Health Website
Top 5 Reasons to Prosecute Bush and Cheney | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
First Contact Radio 9/26/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Daily Meditation
James Gilliland on As you wish talk radio
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, September 26
Eve Lorgen: Mind Control, ET Manipulation, And The Paranormal Reality
US Caught Bombing 'Empty Buildings' in Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria
Neil Keenan update pt2
New Brain Tech Reveals Past Thoughts and Memories
13 Foods You Should Not (Or Don’t Have To) Keep in the Fridge
At What Point Did We Start Accepting Our Insane World As The Norm?
Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Health? 4 Reasons to Eschew the Chew
USDA to Approve MORE Pesticide-Laden GE Crops
Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among FDA Advisors, Study Shows
Ancient Man-Made Object Hidden Inside Stone - Another Mysterious High-Tech Artifact
7 Types of Non-Believers Who Don’t Need Religion
Using Facebook could add you to the government's 'enemies of the state' list
Healthy 12-year-old girl dies shortly after receiving HPV vaccine
EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke out
Huge Solar Blast, California Earthquakes | S0 News Sept 26, 2014
HyperReport: Economic Snapshot
Attracting Divine Love
Schumann Resonance - 8.35
In5D Daily Pictures September 26, 2014 NEW!

September 25, 2014
Max Igan at the Open Mind Conference 2014
Eric Holder Announces Resignation After Hinting at American Troops In Syria
ISIS War Is Peace: Obama Vs. Orwell
First Contact Radio 9/25/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Bringers of Dawn - Ch11, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, September 25
Live At The Lax Hilton - Kerry & Sean Re Who Rules Planet Earth?
Tom Lescher: Astrology for the Soul September 24, 2014
Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic elements in Human consciousness
Mary Rodwell on The Naked Truth with Kelli In The Raw/Leading ET Expert in Australia
Jeff Rense & Drew Johnson - Green Billionaires & Eco-Hypocrites
Health Alert - Fleas Test Positive for 'Plague' Near Flagstaff, Arizona
New Illuminati Messages on Cartoon Network - "Hail Baphomet" & Satanic Pentagram on Screen
Mass Awakening! Hundreds of Denver Students Stage Walk-Out Over History 'Censorship'
Kellogg’s’ Kashi Still Under Legal Fire for Claiming Foods to be ‘All Natural’
‘Organic Ready’ Corn to Replace Monsanto’s GMO Corn, Cross-Pollination
Unique Massive 'Nazca of Kazakhstan' Geoglyphs In Central Asia
Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!
Accessing High Frequency Energy With Your Pineal Gland
World's almond supply approaching collapse due to California drought
FDA threatens three companies with criminal charges for making Ebola treatment claims
The Earthquakes Return, Space Weather | S0 News Sept 25, 2014
Going Within - The Door To Higher Consciousness
Schumann Resonance - 8.35
In5D Daily Pictures September 25, 2014 NEW!

September 24, 2014
Pope Francis found guilty of child trafficking, rape, murder
FBI Lists ZERO Murders in Newtown, CT in 2012 because the actors didn't die...
Two miles of lava caves found hidden under America
Ziria & Erkriel: Spouses Irradia | Truth Connections - also feat. Stewart Swerdlow
First Contact Radio 9/24/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Atlantis, Daily Meditation
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, September 24
Mega Corporation Buys Out Invention That Would Put Oil And Gas Out Of Business
Anonymimity in Public is HISTORY! FBI Admits Facial Recognition System Fully Operational
Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among FDA Advisors, Study Shows
5000 Years Of Human History Soon Erased - Extremists Destroy Priceless Artifacts In Iraq
Incredible Treasures Discovered In Ancient Tomb - Did They Belong To Alexander The Great?
DIY Home Remedy Kit for Cold and Flu Season
Laughter Shown To Work Better Than Pharmaceuticals And Affects The Body Like Exercise
6 Notoriously Misleading Food Terms Used to Trick Consumers
M.D. Argues Cancer Treatment and Prevention are the Same
Professor Resorts to Insults when his GMO ‘Facts’ are Disputed
Seven reasons to ditch Big Pharma's antibiotics
Over a dozen children die excruciating deaths following vaccinations from UN in rebel-held Syria
CDC fears 1.4 million Ebola infections by January; is it just propaganda to push for-profit vaccines?
M Flare, Data Missing, Mars Comet | S0 News Sept 24, 2014
The Light Side of the Dark Night of the Soul
Schumann Resonance - 8.20
In5D Daily Pictures September 24, 2014 NEW!

September 23, 2014
Courtney Brown -- Remote Viewing 9/11 ... ~ The Plane Truth PTS3113
Georgia Guidestones - Amazing New Details Surface In Suppressed Book, 'The Age of Reason'
Truthiracy - Intelligence LeveL
Libra New Moon September 24 2014, seek balance and transformation, time to open to the universe
Rockefeller's United Nations Sets A New World Path
Stocks DIVE! Opportunity In Energy. Possible Oct/Nov. Market Crash. By Gregory Mannarino
Iraq War History Lesson | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 134 Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer on ISIS
First Contact Radio 9/23/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Enoch ch LVXII, Daily Meditation
Controversial Study Of Ancient DNA Could Re-Write History Of South Florida
Shifting Realities, Feedback Loops and Truly Getting Free
6 Notoriously Misleading Food Terms Used To Trick Consumers
General Mills Set to Purchase Annie’s Homegrown
4 Reasons to Stop Eating Commercial Soy Products
10 Facts You Should Know About Every Baby's Brain
The Equinox Earth Healing Event on 23 September 2014 – Join Us!
John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant to ‘CURE’ Cancer I TOTALLY agree
Big Pharma invents 'Sluggish Cognitive Tempo' disease to drug millions more children
Why is the US sending 3,000 troops to Ebola-stricken countries?
Trading giant Cargill sues Syngenta over lost profits due to unapproved GM corn
Did you realize the United States government owns the patent on Ebola?
Fukushima, Pluto, Space Weather | S0 News Sept 23, 2014
Ascension and the Intuitive Ability of Clairvoyance
Schumann Resonance - 8.22
In5D Daily Pictures September 23, 2014 NEW!

September 22, 2014
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 116 Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon
Stock Market Falls, More Losses Highly Likely. By Gregory Mannarino
First Contact Radio 9/22/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Kaballah lesson 9, Daily Meditation
Ben Fulford update
Truthiracy Theology of Intelligence
Questions for Jim Self- What Are the Characteristics of Masculine and Feminine?
New Moon in Libra Sept/Oct. 2014 -- Our Capacity for Balance
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, September 22
New TV Ad Criticizing Obama's Policies Goes Viral
Scientists have "hacked" photosynthesis, and it could help them speed up food production
Alaska newscaster drops F bomb and quits on air, after reporting on medical marijuana
20,000 Earthquakes in ONE month -- EPIC Eruption at Icelands Bardarbunga Volcano
Truthiracy - Intelligence of Life don't agree with this one either
Previously Unknown Spiral-Shaped Ground Carving Discovered Near Coventry
Mysterious Artifacts: Glowing Black Pyramid With The Third Eye
Watermelon is Loaded with Antioxidants and More
Can You Fathom A World Without Money And Without Disease?
Yet Another Problem: Prescribed Statins Linked to Thyroid Cancer
Scientist calls for government permission before humans can 'breed'
Vitamin D hailed in the fight against heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes
Iceland Quakes, C(lie)mate, Space-Weather | S0 News Sept 22, 2014
HyperReport: Docking Pay
How to Recognize an Energy Vampire and What To Do
Schumann Resonance - 8.15
In5D Daily Pictures September 22, 2014 NEW!

September 21, 2014
Expansions News - US Military "Fighting" Ebola, North Korea Volcano, Strange Jellyfish Creature
Exposed! US Navy's 'NCIS' Caught Spying On the Entire State of Washington
Noosphere & knowledge coming in via the sun & 5D body - Stephanie South
The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014
The Forbidden Legacy Of A Fallen Race
Intriguing Ancient Takenouchi Documents Reveal Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins
Stanford Biologist Warns: Early Signs of Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction in Progress
Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Tower Radiation
17 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt
3 Suppressed Technologies that Could Revolutionize Daily Life
The Nature of Mystical Experience
Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation
Independent Study Confirms Monsanto’s RoundUp Chemicals are Lethal, Even in Small Doses
Night owls at increased risk for dark personality traits, illness and depression
Social media users' actions can be accurately predicted hours in advance
U.S. government openly admits vaccines are seriously harming children: see the email
Over 46 million Americans now on food stamps as nation descends into poverty
Solar Tornados, Volcanos, Space-Weather | S0 News Sept 21, 2014
How to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness
Schumann Resonance - 8.15
In5D Daily Pictures September 21, 2014 NEW!

September 20, 2014
Huge Sunspots Coming, Quake Watch? - Evening News Sep.20.2014
Truthiracy - Nephilim Aliens Created Mankind I dont agree with this one
Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 21 to 27, 2014 by Nadiya Shah
Family Meals Play Important Role In Children’s Health
The Forbidden Legacy Of A Fallen Race
Modern Europeans Descended From At Least 3 Ancient Populations Within The Last 7,000 Years
Invisible Waveforms, ET’s and Other Transmissions
Electronics are Keeping Kids from Getting Enough Sleep
Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?
Mysterious Illness Plaguing Girls Who Received HPV Vaccine
Do We Plan Our Lives Before We Are Born?
What is Enlightenment?
It's all scripted! U.S. govt. patented Ebola in 2010 and now owns all victims' blood
Volcano, Polar Vortex, Ice, Earthquake Watch | S0 News Sept 20, 2014
Money And The Myth Of Freedom
Schumann Resonance - 8.12
In5D Daily Pictures September 20, 2014 NEW!

September 19, 2014
Alert video. Stock market: caution advised. By Gregory Mannarino
Kelley Rosano - Libra New Moon and Mercury Retrograde
The Vaccine Song
Trust in mainstream media news at an all time low
9-18-14 Bill Ballard ~ The Event ~ RV ~ ET Landings and Other New Age Deceptions
Evidence the Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged? Balderdash!
What is going on? Something is about to change in America!
First Contact Radio 9/19/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Daily Meditation
U.S. to Bomb ISIS in Syria, but Censor ISIS Threat Just Across Mexican Border?
Liberian Ship Docks in New Orleans With Infected On Board, No Straight Answers from CDC
The David Icke Videocast: Future Shock - Change Through Mental And Emotional Trauma
Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, September 19
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 132 Researcher and Author Ty Bollinger
Greg Hunter: ISIS Update, Ukraine Wants Weapons and Money, the Feds Zero Interest Rate Policy
Jeff Rense & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian
Worldwide Phenomenon - Mysterious Gigantic Jars Of Unknown Origin
7 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating
Young Coconuts Provide One Of The Highest Sources of Electrolytes Known
Are Your Dental Fillings Making You Sick?
17 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt… Some You Won’t Believe
More Fatalities Linked To Vaccines As 50 Children Die After Measles Vaccination
Link Found Between Food Allergies and Farm Antibiotics
Foods and The ‘Etheric Field’
Even ‘Natural’ Sodas with ‘Real Sugar’ Being Sold with GMO Sugar
Why detoxification is so important, and how to do it right
U.S. government threatened Yahoo with daily $250,000 fines to force handover of user data
Veteran MD buys farm and prescribes food as medicine
CDC owns patent on Ebola virus; agency to collect royalties on all future Ebola vaccines
Magnetic Storm, Eclipse, Filament Erupting | S0 News Sept 19, 2014
HyperReport: Death Panels
Top 10 Foods You Need To Avoid!
Schumann Resonance - 8.30
In5D Daily Pictures September 19, 2014 NEW!

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