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Tips for Navigating the Twin Flame Experience | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database
Tips for Navigating the Twin Flame Experience

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As more and more twin flame partners are finding each other in this incarnation, they are all finding that the twin flame experience is typically more compelling and more challenging than any other relationship before it. In most cases, the “old rules” that a partner used or relied upon in relationships with others simply don’t apply to the twin. What we are discovering, however, is that twin flame relationships as a whole are often strikingly similar in patterns, in the timing of their ebbs and flows, as well as in their dynamics.  Listed below are some common challenges that twin flames often encounter, as well as tips to help navigate.

  • Challenge: Despite a strong, mutual connection and familiar “fit” of energies, one of the twin partners “runs” from the relationship. He or she may simply disappear or may try to set rigid boundaries for the relationship such as labeling it “just friends,” “just colleagues,” or “just another soul family/soul contract connection.”
  • Reason: Usually the partner who runs is more hindered by fear and steeped in overanalyzed “logic.” After all, trusting the heart instead of the analytical mind is scary and something we have been socialized not to do. The partner who runs fears being vulnerable and fears the power and potential of a twin flame connection. He or she may even temporarily stay in a lower vibration or unsatisfactory relationship with someone else simply because it is familiar and feels “safer.”
  • Tip: While it may feel frustrating and not genuine to hide the extent of your true feelings and dedication to your twin partner, saying and showing what you really feel will scare the runner even more. The best approach to take-- until the partner is truly ready to reunite--is to act nonchalant about the relationship, act happy in general, and be engaged with other people and activities. When you are in contact with your twin or with someone who knows your twin, be kind and cordial, but not clingy or dramatic. The more that you move forward with and enjoy your own life, the more the twin will want to be a part of your life. It will drive your twin crazy to think that you are sharing your light, life, and energies with others and that he or she is missing out.
  • Challenge: It feels amazing to love someone unconditionally and to recognize that someone is the soul’s “missing piece.” The “glimpses” you get of what’s possible for the relationship are amazing. However, it feels horrible and devastating when the partner’s words, actions, or reactions are negative, hypocritical, unjustified, or not a good representation of what you know is inside that person’s heart. You may feel foolish because you love so much and want the relationship so deeply, especially when what you do and feel appears unreciprocated.
  • Reason: The twin flame relationship requires that all necessary lessons, strengthening, and awakening take place before the permanent reunion. The process becomes “karma’s crash course” for you! Part of the "test" that we are given prior to a permanent twin reunion includes whether: we are willing to risk looking and feeling foolish or silly, and still have faith in our own intuition and in our partner anyway; we are willing to love unconditionally, even though the partner may have or exhibit something that is usually a “deal-breaker” for us with anyone else; and we are willing to show patience, perseverance, and strength when we least want to do that.
  • Tip: Keep in mind that if your partner is truly your twin, you have no choice but to reunite sooner or later. The twin partner is your destiny and whatever miracles need to happen to awaken and reunite you both absolutely will-- even if it means that your partner must do a 180 degree turn in his or her perspectives or behavior. Your choices or decisions may affect the timing and ease of your reunion, but the reunion itself is a given and non-negotiable. If you have not yet reconnected permanently with your twin, live your life now as if it will NOT happen, but have confidence and serenity in your heart knowing that it will. By taking this approach, you will move forward in the now and will not be burned out, exhausted, or resentful when your partner does come around and is ready to be the partner that you had hoped, sensed, and envisioned. Expressing yourself through art, energy intentions, journaling, planning, etc. can be a great outlet for the emotions that your partner is not yet ready to hear and receive. When your partner is ready mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, those efforts can then be shared and will be very appreciated!
  • Challenge: While you and your partner may mirror each other in many ways, you seem to be quite unequally divided in certain, very important attributes such as sex drive, spirituality or levels of awakening, financial goals or successes, etc.
  • Reason: Since you are one soul split into two, twin flame partners complement each other. However, they are not always divided equally. Each twin may have very opposite talents or capacities, and one twin may have gotten 70, 80, or 90% of a quality which leaves only 10-30% left for the other to exhibit.
  • Tip: One of the most important lessons in our world is finding balance. As a twin flame couple, you will learn to work together, use each other’s strengths, magnify each other’s gifts, and compromise like never before. The difference is that you won’t be compromising yourself, you’ll be balancing it and completing your experience. So, don’t be discouraged or disappointed if you and your partner seem to have some crucial differences that once again would be “deal-breakers” for you with anyone else. Those differences only reflect how perfectly you fit together as one.
  • Challenge: The twin flame relationship, sometimes even after reuniting, can take so many intense and volatile turns that seem to negatively impact your stress levels, sanity, and possibly planned events. It can feel ridiculous and embarrassing to be on this crazy roller coaster. You can’t imagine life without your partner, but you can’t imagine living with that uncertainty and drama for the rest of your life either.  
  • Reason: If you are part of a twin flame relationship, then you and/or your partner are genetically of higher frequency. As you reunite, your energies get even stronger, which means as individuals and as a couple you will “pick up” the frequencies of others and the planet more than ever before. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourselves arguing or “inflamed” during times of intense solar flares, earthquakes, alignments, etc. For example, every twin flame couple we know, including ourselves, had very trying discussions or dilemmas during recent, record solar flares—and it’s not the first time that all of these twin relationships have experienced similar patterns without even realizing it! In addition to picking up cosmic events and even the emotional tides of friends and family, twins often find themselves at odds with each other just prior to or during periods of separation from each other-- for work, family, or even pleasure. Such arguments or rifts are simply the twins’ defense mechanisms to help create distance and make the separation feel less daunting. Regardless of how temporary it may be, any separation can hurt twins literally, both physically and mentally. So, creating a little anger or misunderstanding to “alleviate” the pain seems to be a common tendency.
  • Tip: Of course, once you realize that the strife you experience may just be a defense mechanism or may not even be yours at all, you and your twin can find more positive ways to vent or even avoid the disruptive energies around you. For the times that you do argue or feel less optimistic, pay attention to the signs and synchronicities around you which will always guide you back to your destiny, your twin. Numbers, songs, colors, messages, dreams, and more will be your reminders that any setback with your twin is just an opportunity for personal growth and understanding—and that your reunion really is a Divine union meant to move this planet forward. The Universe, your guides, and your own soul forces will make sure that you and your twin come together; sooner or later stay together; help each other; heal each other; and finish your mission as light workers for your world.

Max, the “Healer’s Healer,” is an acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Psychic Coach. Max, Lana, and LOC Group ( enjoy helping other twin flame couples and people of higher frequency make the most of this human experience. Links to their other articles on can be found here:

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