Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations

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Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!

What are binaural beats and holophonic sounds?

Binaural Beats are used to create two separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone which is the difference between the two. This allows the brain to directly tune into a frequency that the ear cannot hear.

december 21, 2012 trivia TRIVIA: Binaural beats were discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839 and help to induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable mental states.

Holophonic sounds incorporate various 3D audio sounds, which encapsulates and stimulates each individual hemisphere of the brain. In conjunction with binaural beats and 528 Hz solfeggios, this audio experience will bring your meditations to a new and profound level!

In these meditations, you will literally feel the interaction going on between the hemispheres of your brain.

In effect, these beats have the same impact and benefits of a deep meditative state similar to hypnotic trance or transcendental mediation. Not many people can enter such deep states of hypnosis and transcendental meditation may take many years to perfect. So the immediate benefits of using binaural beats is apparent.

spiritual psychology SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Medical scientists have used binaural beats to help people improve health as well as to treat ailments with psychological related conditions while bringing self improvement to the person's mental and physical states of relaxation.

A brief background of Theta waves

Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!"Theta Meditation is said to be the "Gateway to Eternal Bliss"

Theta meditation produces brainwaves of a very low frequency between 4 – 8 Hz. Very often we see Theta brain waves appear more often in children and artists as well as in extroverts and people who have spent many years practicing meditation. When we are in Theta meditation, the theta waves in our brain can help produce intuition, creativity, and strong emotional connections as well as lower our stress and anxiety.

10 Key Benefits of Theta Meditation

Very high levels of creativity – Often we see artists, musicians, and very creative people with high levels of Theta waves.

  • Heightened intuition – We all have intuition but often it can get blocked by our Beta waves.
  • Ability to tap into our subconscious – When we experience the total relaxation of Theta meditation we are able to put our conscious mind aside and tap right into our subconscious mind.
  • Reprogramming of our subconscious mind – Once we have put our conscious mind aside we can make positive suggestions to our subconscious and re-program it for positive change in our life.
  • More intense emotional connections – Theta brain waves will produce a very high level of emotional sensitivity
  • Overall sense of calmness – It has been shown that people with higher levels of Theta brain waves are much more relaxed with very low levels of stress and anxiety. Theta waves can greatly help with producing a very balanced and calm feeling
  • Improved problem solving skills and learning ability – Theta meditation allows us to lower our Beta waves and therefore remove the mental blocks that are hindering us thus allowing our creative abilities to take over. At this point we are able to retain much larger amounts of information in a shorter period of time.
  • Better focus and concentration – We often hear of athletes talking about being in the “zone”. This zone is the Theta brain wave zone. It allows a person to become extremely focused and able to solely concentrate on what they are trying to achieve.
  • Healing of the body – Theta waves can actually tell our brain to produce positive chemicals such as epinephrine as well as lower our amounts of cortisol. This in turn creates a much stronger immune system which helps our bodies to fight illness and disease. Theta waves can actually help bring our body back into balance and therefore allow it to heal. They can also help to balance our serotonin and melatonin levels which will help to aid depression as well as insomnia and jet leg.
  • Far more energy – After our body has had the chance to heal and renew itself we will experience far more energy then we have had before. The Theta waves are extremely relaxing but allow us to be far more energetic in our daily lives.


What is the importance of the 528 Hz frequency?

Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!528 is the supreme musical gift of enlightened intelligence and divine sustenance from your creative Source.  528 is a simple number that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.”  This LOVE vibration harmonically resonates in your heart inaudibly connecting your spiritual essence to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth. Even the parallel universes connect to the center of your heart by this LOVE channel broadcasting matter and energy according to the laws of physics. In fact, 528 is fundamental to these laws. This frequency, more than any other, epitomizes the unified field of musical metaphysics in the matrix of the spiraling fractal universe.

Indeed, 528Hz is at the heart of everything. It is the difference between making love not war. It is the energy driving universal prosperity; the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration of self-esteem or self-love that lifts your heart and Divine voice in harmony with heaven. There is nothing missing or broken in this loving perfection. When you are in it, you are in tune with your creative spirit, and everything just flows in perfect rhythm and rhyme.


Theta Waves, the Pineal Gland and the 3rd Eye

The Pineal Gland and Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!The pineal gland is cone shaped and is located in the middle of the brain behind and just above the pituitary gland. The pineal gland contains pigment similar to that found in the eyes and is connected to the optic thalami, hence it controls the action of light upon our body. The pineal gland is located in the posterior end of the third ventricle of the brain and the pituitary gland is located in the roof of the third ventricle. It is said that the joining of the essences of these two glands in the third ventricle is what opens the Third Eye.

The opened Third Eye is also known as the Middle Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Horus, and the Horn of the Unicorn. The Temple of Maat in early Egypt was dedicated to the process of opening the Third Eye. The Third Eye is an etheric, or fourth dimensional, eye. It acts as a sensitive receiver, and transmitter, by which vibrations of many different types can be translated, interpreted and dispersed into our third dimensional brains to gain wisdom and illumination. Through this EYE, inner planes, thought forms, and higher entities are perceived. A better sense of cause and effect is also acquired.

spiritual psychology SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Psychologist Carl Jung: "Before Westerners can safely practice Yoga or meditation, we must first know our own unconscious nature." Similar to various forms of meditation, Jung prescribed "active imagination", in which one switches off consciousness and allows unconscious contents to unfold.

Theta waves occur in sleep and are dominant in our highest state of meditation. We normally only experience theta waves as we drift off to sleep, during some dreaming, and as we return from the depths of delta sleep. The pictures we perceive as we drift off and Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!awaken are in theta wave. During theta wave meditations, we are in a waking dream where vivid imagery flashes before our inner vision. In this state, we are extremely receptive to information sent from the higher dimensions.

The Shamanic State of Consciousness, which is theta brainwaves, allows us to journey into the higher planes. The steady-rhythmic beat of the drum struck four and one-half times per second (theta waves are 4-7 cps) is the key to transporting a shaman into the deepest part of his or her Shamanic trance. The constant and rhythmic-drone of Tibetan Buddhist chants that transport the monks and other listeners into realms of blissful meditation also follow this rhythm.


A few notes

Three of these meditations are an hour long and include binaural theta waves (mid and high to open the 3rd eye), holophonic Tibetan bells, 528 solfeggios and holy harmony mixed in to the background.

You may need to upload the plugin to listen to the audio. Please wear headphones, too!

Envision yourself being inside the merkaba:

Meditation Merkabah

The rotating merkaba is on the middle of each page so you won't be distracted by any directions. Also, at the bottom of the page, there are links to other meditations as well as a pause button for the audio.


merkaba meditations created by &

download this meditation HERE at


Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!merkaba 1 CLICK HERE: 60 minutes long, includes Holy Harmony solfeggio, 528 frequency solfeggio and holophonic sound

Description: an amazing combination of holophonic and binaural sounds and effects, enmeshed with the secret solfeggio Holy Harmony song to help induce DNA healing and upgrade, 3rd eye opening and pineal gland stimulation during your meditation!


Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!merkaba 2 CLICK HERE 10 minutes long, includes Holy Harmony solfeggio, 528 frequency solfeggio, water effects and holophonic tibetan bells

Description: a shorter version of merkaba 1 but with more incredible holophonic effects, such as holophonic waterfalls and holophonic Tibetan bells!


Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!merkaba 3 CLICK HERE: 60 minutes long, includes Holy Harmony solfeggio, 528 frequency solfeggio, holophonic tibetan bells, mid theta binaural and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds

Description: THIS IS THE WORKS!!! This is the most comprehensive of all mixes, which includes both the mid and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds (which are solo for the first 105 seconds), overlapped and layered to give a natural holophonic sound on top of the holophonic bells. This audio combines the effects of the first two rotating merkabas, and adds the enhanced version of holophonic, binaural theta wave stimulation, which is the primary brain wave you experience during meditation.

Your mind will never be the same!


Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!merkaba 4 CLICK HERE: 60 minutes long, includes a solo of the mid theta and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds

Description: 3rd Eye, Pineal Gland Stimulation
Holophonic, binaural theta wave meditation helps to facilitate the development of the 3rd eye, which innately understands the symbols and pictures of multidimensional stimuli.

These holophonic, binaural theta wave sounds are also mixed into the above merkaba meditation (merkaba 3).


Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditations!

I'll be adding more in the near future, so please check back!


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