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The Magnetic Pole Flip and DNA Activation
The Magnetic Pole Flip and DNA Activation

Last updated on January 30, 2010 at 9:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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by James Clair Lewis

The Sun goes through a Magnetic Pole Flip every eleven years. This is known as the sunspot cycle. At the totality the north and south magnetic poles split apart, with sunspots being temporary magnetic poles, which drift around the surface of the Sun from upwellings of magnetic current deep inside the Sun, until the north and south magnetic poles reform themselves in the opposite positions from what they were before the totality.

The Earth also goes through magnetic pole flips, (I am not talking about a shift of the rotational axis), but not as frequently. Our scientistics have found in the geological records, sixteen previous occurances of magnetic pole flips on Earth, the most recent of which happened some 780,000 years ago. That was when early hominids began walking upright, figuring out how to use and make tools, and discovered fire.

In past magnetic pole flips there have always been massive species extinctions before the totality, followed by a resurgence of Life, and the appearance of new species after the totality. This is happening again right now. For over one hundred years, the Earth's magnetic field, the Van Allen Belt, has been decreasing in strength. This always happens before a Totality, and we have most certainly seen many species extinctions, although we are responsible for much of that.

Our scientists believe that the totality will not begin for another 1000 years, but they are basing their speculation upon the apparent rate that the Earth's magnetic field has been decreasing. Now while the Earth's magnetic field has been decreasing at a steady rate, Nature does not operate in straight lines. A hyberbolic or tangent function is much more likely.

Now considering that our solar system is approaching the end and the beginning of a Long Year, and that we are now entering the dense space of the galactic plane, it seems much more likely that the totality period of the Earth's magnetic flip will coincide. Probably not on the Winter Solstice of 2012, but most certainly any time now, or shortly thereafter.

The Magnetic Pole Flip and DNA Activation | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseGeological records of past magnetic pole flips of the Earth, show that the time period of the totality varies considerably from several decades to a few hundred years. It simply is not predictable. During that time, the Van Allen Belt will be greatly weakened, allowing much more of the full spectrum of the Sun's light to reach the Earth, rather than being deflected around it, as it normally does. We will also be more subject to solar flares, than we have in the past. These higher spectra of the Sun's light are very mutagenic.

Couple this with surges of magnetic current from the various roving Earthspots during the magnetic pole flip, and you will understand why much genetic mutation, and evolutionary processes will be active. All lifeforms, both plant and animal, will undergo changes. Some plants may change the shapes of their leaves or the formation of their flowers. Some trees may begin to produce fruit, that they never did before. The changes in animals may be less apparent physically, but many species may attain a higher level of sentience. Two directions in which these changes should show up, are in an increase in manual dexterity in some animals, and an increase in language development in all of them. By the end of this process, certain animal species may be demanding the right to vote...

One physical change in humans, will be a spinal arrangement better adapted for upright walking, as we have been moving in that direction for a long time in our evolution. Our geneticists have already detected an increase in people with more than two strands of DNA. All of these people have various psychic abilities. This will continue, until we achieve maturity with 12 strand DNA.

With the surges of magnetic current through the roving Earthspot temporary magnetic poles, there will be auroara borealis visible at times all over the Earth. It should be quite a light show. However, this also means that magnetic media will be subject to being wiped clean. It would be a good idea to transfer your audio, and video tapes to laserdiscs, CDs, or DVDs. Computer hard drives are magnetic media. Make sure you have a back-up burned and ready...

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