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Ian Xel Lungold: Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database Ian Xel Lungold: Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar

Last updated on April 26, 2011 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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I, Ian Xel Lungold, have been studying the Mayan calendar since 1996.  It became evident very quickly that the Mayan calendar is a portal to intuition. The ancient Mayan civilization is revered for the way that its members lived in balance with nature and the cosmos. From all the evidence left by the Maya—their architecture, their land forming, i.e. irrigation works and massive landscaping and their surviving books—we can see that they danced in their intuition for more than three thousand years. How we can best utilize the clues that the Maya left for our consciousness at this time is the subject of this article, and of my many presentations around the world.

So what is it that the Maya left us? A roadmap of Creation’s intentions that we can match to times and events. In other words, we now have a method for discerning what Creation has intended, and continues to intend, day by day, epic by epic. Over the last 16.4 billion years, Creation has followed a particular repeating pattern of 13 different intentions. These intentions have brought about various physical effects and events in Creation, and have molded all human history.

The pattern displayed by the Mayan calendar is built upon a particular ratio, 13: 20 . These proportions are the true basis of all sacred geometry. In my own study of sacred geometry, I have found that all forms and understandings boil down to one ratio: one-third to two-thirds. This is in no way an exact number system, but a general pattern that Creation naturally follows. Our consciousness is based on this ratio. For example, the concepts of past, present and future; male, female and child; being, doing and having; body, mind and spirit; start, change and stop; gain, loss and status quo—this ratio permeates everything we experience. All the proportions of your body are laid out in the ratio of one-third to two-thirds; the ratio of land mass to surface covered with water on our very planet is one-third land, two-thirds water—like I said, everything in our experience is set up on the ratio, or the relationship, of one-third to two-thirds. Thirteen is very nearly two-thirds of 20.

The Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.) closely follows the Mayan calendar ratios. As we will see later, the Binary system is intimately tied to the Mayan calendar as well. But first the Fibonacci sequence.

How many of you reading this have read The Da Vinci Code? A bunch, I bet—and you each know a lot of others who have read that book recently don’t you? The Fibonacci sequence plays a big part in the Code. What was once a scientific or eclectic study of artists and visionaries, the Fibonacci sequence has come to be pondered by common men and women just now—at this time.

Okay the following writing is very mental so I want to prepare you as best I know how. To know anything we all go through a process. This process is made up of three steps (what a surprise!)

1. Significance, mental meanings.

2. Mass, the physical forms of objects

3. Doingness, the manipulation of things into a result and into knowingness.

These three elements must be in balance or there will be mistakes. (Oh! So that’s what happened?) Yes all mistakes and misunderstandings come from an absence of meanings, the actual things to look at or hold and or actually applying the information to make sure that it is true.

All human misery is a result of ignorance, and nothing but knowledge can free us from this ignorance and its effect. By Ernest Holmes

So as we go through this next bit of article I suggest that you go get some small objects to set on the table in front of you. These objects will be assigned the significance or mental meanings so that you can push them around and see or get the doingness. Okay?

You can use buttons, paperclips, beans, or pieces of Fruit Loops, anything you can use to count with. You will need 84 pieces of stuff. One of these objects will represent you and it should be different. Okay?

The Fibonacci sequence starts with a 0. Next in the sequence is a 1 followed by another number1. What does this mean?

Here is an insight I have received that you can try on as a possibility.

0 means everything in infinity as a complete wholeness with no separations and no mechanics. There aren’t enough beans to represent everything, all one, with no separation. So we will use the table, desk or counter top that you are sitting at, to represent everything or 0.

The first #1 is a Consciousness separated from the oneness as a Witness of what Might-Be-Created. (Put down the special object to represent you)

The next #1 would be the first particle of creation outside of what the being considers to be his or her self. (Put down a bean or what-ever) This is the inception of physical creation on the part of a spiritual being. These two numbers, 1 and 1, represent the Witness/Creator and its Creation, thereby displaying the principle of duality, or the number 2.

3 is the expression of communication, vibration, action or motion in all Creation.

It is the action of the witnessing Creator adding change to the existing Creation through communication. (Place a bean between the first two objects and move it back and forth between those first two. This is vibration/communication)

To persist in the physical universe, a creation must constantly change. (Vibrate) If a creation should ever cease to change its position or alter the considerations (thoughts) by which it is perceived, that creation instantaneously ceases to exist. One simple example of this principle is that everything on our particular planet is moving in excess of 600,000+ miles per second. We start with the spin of our planet on its axis, and add the speed of rotation of our planet in its orbit around the sun, plus the revolution of our solar system around the galaxy, plus the postulated speed of our galaxy moving through space. So if any particle, object—or even idea—ever came to an absolute standstill, it would disappear at the rate of 600,000 + miles per second.

The interplay between Consciousness (the Witnessing Creator) and Its Creation—number 2—is carried on by the action of number 3. (Go ahead and put down 2 more beans, 3 total, to represent communication as an action) This relationship (2) plus action (3) equals the number 5, which stands for center or organization. (4 beans at the corners and one special object at the center) It is the task of Consciousness to create order (order is the number 4) in all of the random particles existing in time/space (3rd dimension) and this task is represented by the 5 objects.

Communicating from the now established center (5) through time, (Past, Present & Future, 3 more beans please) becomes the number 8, indicating harmony and balance, and the infinite playing out of duality between all of what exists in the universe and what does not exist except as potential creation. (Put the beans in a figure 8) Are you getting the idea of this beanie weenie thing? See your special object in the line of infinity?

It is my perception that each and every individual consciousness exists at the very center of its own individual Universe. (Get out 5 more beans)

Your consciousness (1) continually communicating (3) with your creation (1) from an established center is 5 beans plus (8) for infinity creates the number 13.

The Maya had a very clear understanding that all Creation is divided by the number 13. The Mayan priests and kings had a system of time-keeping for each day. A day was equally divided into 13 sections that we would call hours. Each section was divided into 13 segments that we would call minutes, which were further divided by 13 to create “seconds.” Each second was further divided by 13, and divided again and again to infinity. So, each and every moment experienced by a Mayan was divided infinitely by the number 13.

It is the primary task of Consciousness to become aware of or divide and individuate each and every single particle of creation. You have probably noticed that when you are operating at a relatively heightened level of consciousness, you are able to see the differences between people, objects and events more easily than when your consciousness is operating at a lower frequency, and things look pretty much the same—or even like just one big mess! (Or pile of beans)

Remember when we said that the desk or counter top was a representation of all of infinity? Let’s make that flat surface stand for the number 8 with the 13 beans on it. (Now get out 8 more beans because infinity means up and down too not just across. And lay them out in a figure 8 containing the 13 beans, 6 on one side, 6 on the other with your special consciousness object in the center)

So, if all infinity (8) is consciously divided or individuated out (13) by the Witnessing Creator, this creates the number 21. And there they are. All 21 objects are on the table.

As described by the Mayan calendar, the number of different aspects of creation equals 20. The number 21 is all of those aspects plus, once again, the Witnessing Creator looking over Its Creation. This number, 21, could be called counting your blessings or gratitude. It could also be seen as a completed step in the ascension of Consciousness.

(Pick up that one special object in the center of all the beans on the table. This is you, now aware of the whole pattern laid out before you)

Think of the path of the evolution of Consciousness as a coiled spring. As Consciousness follows the path of repeating intentions laid out by Creation, it follows the same curving arc, but at a new level each time. This awareness and appreciation would be expressed as a +1 added to each level. (See the special object is now at a different level isn’t it?)

Okay, now I would like to direct your attention to the Tzolkin calendar.

Tzolkin Calendar

The calendar is a 260-day pattern of repeating intentions and aspects throughout all Creation. It is made up of 13 columns and 20 rows of different energies. Both the Fibonacci sequence (the base pattern of all living forms 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21) and the binary sequence (the base formula for all atomic structures, and computers, of course) can be overlaid on the Mayan calendar. The binary sequence is 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32.

(Get out 63 more beans we’ll need them in a minute)

We acknowledge the 0 as all of creation in its wholeness with no divisions or mechanics. So the 0 is the whole of the calendar on the page. The first 1, in the Fibonacci sequence as you, the separate witness , (the special object) is not on the page. It hovers above the page as a witness.  We start from the second 1, (beginning of creation and mechanics) at the left hand bottom corner and ascend diagonally up to the center column of the calendar which is a 4 Jaguar day. Next we begin the Binary sequence at 0 as a blank slate of creation (pure potential which exists but is not manifested as yet) in the bottom right hand corner and follow it, 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32  to the center column. We now have the numbers 21 and 32 in the day of 4 Jaguar on the Mayan calendar. Jaguar is a day of magic and shamanism. Four is the establishment of order, foundations, meanings, measurements and mechanics. The two sequences meet as numbers 21 (Fibonacci) and 32 (binary) in the 4 Jaguar energy (the mechanics of magic).

I took an intuitive leap here and had the 1of 21 join or add to the 32 of atomic structure. This would be an expression of added consciousness, (awareness or attention and your experience), in an understanding and appreciation of past Creations by the Witness/Creator.  This demonstrates you, the special object hovering above, directing your attention into the whole of physical atomic structure. And we get the numbers 20 and 33 in 4 jaguar.  The difference between the numbers being, 13.

There was no real logical reason to make this leap, but when I did it, a deep connection was made to something that I believe we are all attempting to understand: there is a pattern running through Creation—a hologram—and understanding how we each create within this pattern from outside it, is our key to ultimate freedom.

While it is tough representing consciousness or ascension of consciousness as little objects, I sincerely hope that you are able to make this connection.

If this does not make sense right now NO WORRIES!

These are all just thoughts to chew on.  Like mental potato chips.

Just recently, a graphic displaying the integral part that Consciousness plays in Creation came to me in an inspiration.

graphic displaying the integral part that Consciousness plays in Creation

The graphic is a star tetrahedron (Star of David) within a perfect circle (all of Creation). If you number the spaces starting with the number 1 in the top triangle of the tetrahedron and proceed clockwise with number 2 in the next space and number 3 at the next point of the tetrahedron, you'll find 12 spaces touching the circle (the Physical Universe); the interior space of the tetrahedron represents Consciousness/Creator, numbered 13. Doing the math between the numbers is very enlightening. Adding 1 and 7 equals 8. Doing the same for all the other sets of numbers give us a progression of numbers: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18—and then we let our intuition take over, adding the bottom number 7 to the 13 in the center—which equals 20. Now subtract all of the opposing numbers and you will see +6 on one side and -6 on the other. 6 is the energy of flow. Here is the flowing of duality.  I perceive this to be a diagram of the hologram of all Creation ordered by Consciousness.

What I am getting from all of this is that each of us is a shaman. What is a shaman? A shaman literally creates what is best in his own interest. And that does include what is best for other persons, beasts, things or time within his sphere of influence. A shaman is effective in these endeavors to the degree that he or she feels or understands the field of Creation and the mechanics of creation. The mind will not be of much help in any of this as it is far too limited a tool.

Following your heart or intuition is the only method capable of weaving the unthinkably complicated patterns of creations (those of our own and others) into what we wish for ourselves and others.

If you think about it there is the source of the problem.

The mind is like a ladder 5 feet tall at the bottom of a 12 foot hole. You want to get out? You’re going to have to make a leap off of that ladder.

Each of us is a full time, all out, Creator. Every bit of what you experience, both what you would call good and the not so good, you have created. Why create the not so good? Maybe because you thought it was the solution to a problem? Duh. Yep!

The problem seems to be that this is all so simple, that it looks impossibly complicated to the mind. That’s because the mind does not want to let go of your foot as you try to jump. Those ladder rungs will try to trip you up most every time. The mind is a self-preserving mechanism. It, (your mind) wants you to believe that you NEED it at all times.

We can look at the patterns of Creation (Fibonacci and; Binary) and recognize them with the mind. This could be seen as climbing the ladder.

So, here we are, standing on the top rung of this ladder and you are deciding whether to jump or not. What is that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach? Fear? How stable is that ladder you are standing on? It’d better be stable or your leap will be a fall wont it?

Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained. By, Arthur S. Roche

How do you make that ladder/mind stable? With personal integrity and ethics, that’s how. You can think of any secrets that you carry as loose ground beneath the feet of the ladder.

Only by communicating (3) your truth, standing on your principles and being ethical (centered) will anyone ever gain access to their intuition. Now is it getting clearer why so many seem to have difficulty finding or trusting their intuition?

First, forgive yourself (just do it. You don’t need permission).

Next get straight with everyone about absolutely everything,  then take your next Divine breath and JUMP!  All together now, 1, 2, FREEEEEE!!!

This Universe has one basic rule: What you pay attention to, you become conscious of and thereby become.

And there is only one true exercise of what is called “Free Will.” That one exercise is your choice of what to pay attention to. Paying more attention to your heart or intuition than to your mind and or circumstances is the way to jump off that ladder.

If you somehow believe that it is not your choice to pay attention to or not to pay attention to, unpleasant circumstances or down right painful experiences, then maybe you had better get to work on your understanding. If you happen to be paying lots of attention to those important things within our society—your job, car, house, money, entertainment, your associations and the dramas contained within, then you are going to end up paying the biggest price you possibly could. And if you want to get your, time and money’s worth, I would suggest that you get busy enjoying all those things to a wild degree right now.

Or just leap away. 

Ian Xel Lungold
8 - Jaguar


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