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How to Prepare Yourself to Receive Crystalline Energies | How to Prepare Yourself to Receive Crystalline Energies

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by Sabrina Reber

Many of you are asking what you can do to better prepare your self to receive the wonderful crystalline energies that will be activated and dispersed during the powerful, light filled, open portal days of 2012. These days are significant in that they will carry an increased amount of codes and light frequencies that will usher in the transformational energies for personal and planetary ascension. The only thing we really need to do is be open to receive ~ that's it. Simply be open to receive, and so it is.

Here are a few other things you can do to connect more deeply with the energy:

I suggest spending about 30 minutes to an hour.....alone, in private time with your Soul and Spirit. Group meditations are also wonderful as they build group energy and can be very profound, however....make sure you spend some time alone communing with your soul and spirit, as well, so you can fully integrate the energies on a very personal level.

How to Prepare Yourself to Receive Crystalline Energies | in5d.com1. Connect with your heart and sit in prayer. Give thanks for everything in your life, especially the opportunity to be here at this most auspicious time on Earth. Gratitude instantly raises your vibration, and helps you connect more deeply to the higher frequency energies that are being dispersed. Pray from your heart, and ask for what you would like to occur. Perhaps you would like to use this opportunity to release stored emotions that are blocking your heart from the LOVE that you truly are.

2. Use this powerful time as a sacred opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within. Allow your self to really go there....perhaps you would even like to journal your feelings or you could simply talk to God/Goddess......give thanks for everything you have ever been ~ release your guilt, unforgiveness, pain, sorrow, trauma, anger, blame. Allow your self to cry, growl, yell, collapse on the floor...... whatever does not serve you, let it go! RELEASE.

3. Re-commit yourself to the LIGHT. State Your Intention out loud. Words are very powerful, they direct energy into form: (example)

"Creator Of All That Is, I ask to be surrounded with my highest white light guides and angels. I ask for my energetic system ~ in all time frames, and all dimensions ~ to be purified and I ask for the Christ and Buddhic Consciousness to be activated within my being with ease and grace and for my highest and best good. I open myself up to receive the crystalline transformational energies for ascension and I ask to be fully supported on my journey. Thank you for this opportunity to return to my truth ~ I AM one with LIGHT. And so it is.

How to Prepare Yourself to Receive Crystalline Energies | in5d.com4. Meditate. Sit or lie down and spend 15-30 minutes or more in meditation.

State Out loud:

"I give myself permission to receive the Creators love and healing light"

Visualize Platinum, White or Gold Sparkly Light coming down from your higher self into the top of your head. Visualize this light filling every cell of you body....front and back. If thoughts arise, that is ok....let them come in and watch them go. Re-focus yourself on the visualization of the light filling your body. Once you are completely filled with LIGHT allow yourself to sit in will have moments of thoughtlessness and moments of mind chatter. Everything is ok, you are not doing anything wrong. Surrender.

5. When you are done, give thanks to the Creator and to your spiritual teams. Notice how you feel. If you feel inspired you could journal your experience.

Please go into your meditative ritual with no expectations. Surrender and have faith that whatever needs to occur will occur for your highest and best good. After this ritual, especially on very powerful days, you may be emotional. Stuff may come up for you. Be o.k. with this. Remember the spiritual path is the healing path. We will move through our darkness before we get to our light ~ don't resist the process. Before we can have more joy, love and peace in our lives we must first get rid of those energies that are NOT love, joy and peace. This is the process of transmutation, and it may not feel so great. Believe in your self, trust in your higher self to assist you with your healing~ surrender to your transformation.

Give yourself a big hug, it takes courage to heal. Denial and avoidance are easy....but they will get us know where. Denial and avoidance will keep us exactly where we are.... they will keep us stuck in our pain and veiled from our truth. We must feel to heal. Open up those chambers in the heart that have been clogged up with distortions for so long! Feel what is there ~ create energetic movement within your being (energy in motion-emotion) so you can finally release the inner pain you have been attached to for lifetimes. We are in the time of the apocalypse....which means the lifting of the veil. Allow your inner apocalypse to occur ~ lift the veil (evil) of illusions and return to your truth.

Give yourself permission to receive the healing energies that are available, that is all you really need to do.

Like a tree, we are opening up those tubes and channels that lead to our Spiritual we grow towards the light, we E~X~P~A~N~D.

~ Sabrina

Sabrina's website

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