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Expect HUGE Changes With Upcoming Rare Astrological Alignment! | in5d.com Expect HUGE Changes With Upcoming Rare Astrological Alignment!

Last updated on February 20, 2012 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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A rare astrological alignment that hasn't been seen since America's Revolutionary War will be influencing many upcoming events on this planet.

If that wasn't enough, we are also heading into a Mercury Retrograde coupled with a New Moon.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, you're in for the ride of your life!


This is the second part to the article that was titled ‘It’s only Castles Burning.’

We spoke of Mars and Saturn being retrograde at this time, and things will continue as discussed, but now we have to pull retrograde Mercury and retrograde Pluto into this puzzle.  Pluto has been lurking quietly in the background in Capricorn since 2008 and has, in this sign of worldly power, been the silent pot simmering on the back burner, ready to destroy the established world orders.  It represents changes that take time, but leaves nothing standing after it passes.

Mercury will go retrograde on March 14th – April 4th.  Many people believe this to be a time when technology fails us, and communication systems break down, but this time it will not be so simple, as these are strange and unusual times.  Not only will it be retrograde while Mars and Saturn are retrograde, but it will spend two full weeks in conjunction with the planet Uranus (who’s just minding his own business right now), and also forms a terrific square with that lurking Pluto.  There are a few more aspects, but no point in getting overly scientific, let’s just skip to the meat and potatoes.

Only problem is, there’s more.  The curtain actually goes up at or about the time of February’s New Moon on the 21st of this month.  We have a strange zodiac on this day, which shows the Sun and Moon and Neptune in alignment, give or take a degree or two, in the sign of Pisces.  We have several other planets very close by and we have all these planets, 6 of them to be exact, in direct opposition to these two nasty retrograders, Mars and Saturn.  Forming a magnificent square to each side, we find Pluto.

On this New Moon, the planets line themselves up to demonstrate a very unsympathetic set of aspects to poor Pluto, who’s just about to go retrograde anyway, and in this way, create stronger opposition to this planet.  As the planets move away from the New Moon, the 90 degree angles will come to completion, and the strain will be felt very strongly, both by the society who wants freedom, and those who want to keep them in prison.  After this new Moon, we will experience a quickening of events, in relation to governmental and financial destruction.

These are difficult energies to take, both for people’s emotions and for earth’s waters.  This brings to mind the 28th Hexagram in the I Ching:  Preponderance of the Great: “The Ridgepole sags to the breaking point……….it is an exceptional time and situation; therefore extraordinary measures are demanded.  It is necessary to find a way of transition as quickly as possible, and to take action.  This promises success.”

After the New Moon of this month, it will become difficult to continue to hide things from the world.  Mercury will be approaching its standstill, its conjunction with Uranus, and its eventual backwards rotation on March 12th.  At about the same time, retrograde Mars will form an exact square with the silent and stationary Pluto, and there is potential, at this time, to experience an increase of violence, or perhaps ultimately, military disarmament, or a final show of force before surrender.

Mercury retrograde, this time around, will be electrifying, as well as confusing; in conjunction with Uranus, immensely enlightening; but not in a silent, spiritual way, but in a surprising, unexpected, and even shocking kind of way.  Towards the beginning of March, Mercury will take centre stage, drawing the currently quiet Uranus in with it.  We must remember that the weakest link for our controllers is the media, and once they lose control of that, the game is officially over.  For the media, this has been a long road. They are bursting at the seams, soaking up the strain, playing monkey in the middle, and struggling to continue lying to the public.

The journalists, investigative reporters, and television hosts, are not what they appear to be, behind the scenes.   Those who report things to humanity are burning to tell the truth, truths which they are well aware of.  These are individuals who are told on an hourly basis what to say, and what not to say, and lately, they’ve been told to not say a great many things.  Can you imagine life in their position?  And if you know anything about Mercury retrograde and the current status of world events behind the scenes, then you know what this could mean at this time, for the role of the media is to communicate events.  If it is not able to do so, it becomes part of the problem, which must then face the same type of re-structuring so that it can be made right, like everything else, so that it may become functional, and honest.

Mercury transiting Uranus for two solid weeks, while retrograde, equates to sudden enlightenment for a great many people;  news that comes as a shock; flashes of awareness hitting them from all over the place.  It will be very difficult for humanity to continue sleeping through aspects like this, but then again, humanity has proven that it can sleep through just about anything.   No, this will be a time of revelations and harsh ‘wake up calls, but also confusion, as to what to believe, who to believe, and what the real truth is.  Because ultimately, when humanity learns the truth about their fearless leaders (who will by this time be heading for the hills), they will undoubtedly by somewhat surprised, respectively.

Mercury goes direct and once again passes Uranus on April 22, Earth Day.  This will also be a day when enlightenment is shed, and may also be filled with many pleasant events.  But Mercury does not go retrograde again until mid July.

Now let us turn our focus to retrograde Pluto.  Before a planet goes retrograde, it becomes stationary, meaning it slows down, or stands still.  Pluto moves slowly anyway, so when it stands still, it really stands still.  And it begins to do that at around mid to late March.  (Another spotlight gets turned on).  This is the time, in ancient Astrology, when it is said that a planet resembles a person filled with fear.  Paralysis may occur, as one is hesitant to continue, just as the planet is stopping in its motion. In the psyche of those affected, this can manifest as running away from situations in the person’s immediate reality. This is reflected in the standstill.

It is at this point in time that the division between men occurs; those who possess some inherent wisdom and foresight will stop trying to paddle up the raging river, while those who lack insight, and refuse to give up control, continue walking down the path of destruction.  We’re talking about Pluto here:  Pluto gives no quarter and takes no prisoners, instead merrily destroys everything false in its path.   Pluto doesn’t care about how you feel and will ruthlessly perform its service and not look back.  You just can’t mess with Pluto.

Pluto is in fact in the sign of Capricorn, which governs worldly power, and Pluto is the great bringer of change.  There is no democracy here for those who participate in current high ranking worldly affairs, and they don’t get to vote.  They were never going to survive this plutonian transit, and it will soon become impossible, once Pluto becomes stationary and goes retrograde.  The big cookie must crumble.  But we may expect some mischief mid to late March, as mentioned, as they scramble for a way out, or attempt to lash out at humanity, just because they still can, and because they will be in their final days and hours.

If anyone wishes to examine the governmental changes of the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle, they may examine historical events from 1762 to 1778.  But this time around, it must be understood, that the power structures are far more globalized, centralized, organized, unified, and corrupt. The higher they climb, the harder they fall, and this retrograde Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn, will herald the inevitable:  the total destruction of government as we know it.  To imagine it could be any other way is a fairy tale.

Let us be good Astrologers and remember that Mars and Saturn are still retrograde, and Saturn not only RULES the negative side of Libra, but is IN the sign of Libra itself and feels quite comfortable there, being exalted in Libra.  How fitting!   Retrograde Saturn, in its sign of exaltation, zipping through the heavens, spotlighting all the false earthly relationships that were doomed from the start.  And Saturn is in fact the ruler of Capricorn, where we find Pluto lurking!  What fun! (The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…….).  What is occurring now, behind the scenes, is corporate back-stabbing, at a level that most of us could never even possibly imagine, but would nonetheless quite enjoy viewing.  We have to take all the aspects into account, in order to understand the bigger picture.

But Saturn also reflects one more area of human drama which we refer to as the courtroom.  And the sign of the scales is none other than Lady Justice herself.   Something tells me our courts are going to be very busy until about mid October, when Saturn finally goes into Scorpio and Pluto gets some forward momentum going once again.  Not surprising, really.  But since all the judges will themselves be on trial, we better roll up our sleeves and try to get some good seats.

This is good enough for now.  But remember, when the media is freed, many things are going to come down the pipe.  And that includes disclosure.  I hear there are some people from very far away who are just dying to say hello.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles.



25 January 2008 to 23 March 2023

To be able to understand the future, one must study the past. So I researched the major world events for the last 2000 years when Pluto was in Capricorn. They are shown in detail at the bottom of this article. This is what I believe is possible to take place in the World between 2008 and 2023, as Pluto slowly transits (travels) through the Zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Massive popular revolts are likely to occur in countries, that will shake the very foundations of government and power of those countries.

The Christian Church will further fracture. The Power and Influence of the Roman Catholic Church, and every other church around the world, will be greatly diminished. Furthermore, laws strictly limiting the power of Churches will be written.

There is every chance of major conflicts breaking out between countries, where one conquers the other.

There will be a Peoples Revolution against Big Business and the way in which Governments function. Laws will be written to control the power of BIG business.

A major Revolution of Independence is likely, just like the USA conducted against Britain. It will succeed.

The peoples of the World have had enough of religious fanatics in power. When the hate filled, religious lunatics, like George W Bush finally leave, or are forced from office as they will be, it would be expected that there is good chance of reconciliation between Christian and Moslem nations. Unfortunately religious persecution will explode during this time.

A new Industrial Revolution and Scientific Revolution will begin.

There is every chance of a pandemic capable of killing off hundreds of millions of people between 2008 and 2023. It has happened before, and it WILL happen again. It seems that wars, natural disasters and epidemics are the only way the population of the World can be controlled. I have predicted a major Chinese catastophe taking place in the next five years.

A massive volcanic eruption, possibly in January 2020, causing global climate change for several years is possible. If not, massive, devastating earthquake activity is possible, as are tsunamis. Global climate change shocks will become apparent between 2008 and 2023.

Some of the greatest Empires in history were born or destroyed with Pluto in Capricorn. A great country will be formed or will begin to crumble into dust during this time. Also some of the great conquerors, like William the Conqueror and Napoleon, were born in this time. So a warrior leader with gigantic power will be born in this time.

The greatest explorers in history set out with Pluto in Capricorn. Last time it was James Cook, The time before that it was Magellan. This time another great explorer will write his name into history before 2023.
Another great Golden Age in the history of Music and Art is beginning.

Summary of Research

The Christian Church
The major events in the history of the Christian Church took place with Pluto in Capricorn.
First Pope in Rome (42 AD), Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire (310 AD), The Roman Church becomes a massive land owner (Rome, 784 AD), Split between Western Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy (1020-54), Summa Theologica fundamental Catholic thesis (1270), Building of St Peter’s Basilica (1514), The Protestant Reformation splits the Catholic Church (1517), Henry VIII head of English Church, this leads to a split from Catholicism (1531).

Conquests of Countries
Conquests of the three greatest countries in history were begun with Pluto in Capricorn.
Britain, the Romans invaded in 43 AD,
Italy, the Byzantines invaded in 542 AD,
Britain, the Vikings invaded in 787-793 AD,
William the Conqueror of England is born in 1027,
Wales, the English invaded in 1282,
China, the Mongols invaded in 1268 and ruled China for 100 years,
England, the Scots invasion failed in 1513,
India, the Moguls invaded in 1526 and ruled India for over 200 years.

Religions Founded
Two great religions were founded with Pluto in Capricorn.
Christian Church, first Pope in Rome (42 AD), Buddhism (China 58 AD).

Autocratic Power Grab
Claudius (Rome 53 AD), the Byzantine Emperor (536 AD).

Civil War
The largest popular revolt in Europe before the French Revolution took place with Pluto in Capricorn (1542)..
China (291-308 AD), Japan (1027), German Peasants' War (1524).

Religious Persecution or Wars
Religious persecution reached new heights under Pluto in Capricorn. Also the Crusades ended in this time.
Jews (Rome 303-305 AD), Spain (793), Jews (Vienna 1267), Jews (France 1269, 1283), Jews (England 1282), Jews (Germany 1284), The Crusades come to an end (1099-1291).

Major Scientific Breakthroughs and Inventions
The Industrial Revolution and Scientific Revolution began with Pluto in Capricorn.
48-50 AD. Ts’ailouen and Cai Lun, Chinese inventors of paper. “A.D.” first used (532 AD), “0” invented (1024), first printed money (1024), Industrial Revolution begins (1765), Scientific Revolution: Oxygen and Nitrogen discovered (1772).

Major Catastrophes
Pandemics killing 50% of populations began with Pluto in Capricorn. So did global climate change.
Krakatoa explodes causing global climate change for three years (532 AD); Plague kills two million people (Byzantine Empire 542 AD), in the next 150 years 50% of Europeans died from plague; Pandemic kills up to 15 million people (South America 1519), Plague (England 1528).

Empires Established or Destroyed
Some of the greatest Empires in history were born or destroyed with Pluto in Capricorn. As were great conquerors and rulers born during this time.
The Roman Catholic Church and Christian Churches (42 AD), William the Conqueror is born (1027), Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne 772-800AD); Byzantium consolidates border for 200 years (782 AD); Constantine the Byzantine Empire founder comes to power (305 AD), Osman I founder of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1922) rise to power (1281), Aztec Empire (Cortez 1521), Suliman the Magnificent (1520), Catherine the Great of Russia came to power (1762), British Empire (1762), American Revolution (1765-76), Napoleon Bonaparte born (1769).

Great Explorers
The greatest explorers in history set out with Pluto in Capricorn.
Marco Polo (to China overland 1271). The remainder are sea voyages: Verrazzano (USA 1524), Balboa (Pacific Ocean 1513), Alvarez (China 1513), Magellan makes the first world circumnavigation (1519), Cook, the greatest explorer in history, begins his voyages (1766).

Civil Law established or strengthened
The English Parliament, the fundamental foundation stone of democracy in the world, is established with Pluto in Capricorn.
Rome (529 AD); First elected English parliament (1265), Venice (1268), England (1275, 1280, 1285).

Laws limiting Church power
Byzantine Empire (536 AD), England (1285).

Slave Trade Africa to the Americas
Begins (1518), Legislation marking beginning of end (1772).

Classical Music’s Golden Era
The greatest composers in history began their journey with Pluto in Capricorn.
A six-year-old Mozart begins touring Europe (1762). Beethoven is born (1770).


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