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Dogon Tribe: Legend of the Sirius Star System Dogon Tribe: Legend of the Sirius Star System

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The Dogon Tribe originates from Africa, yet many of the legends from their heritage were used by the Egyptians and subsequent dynasties. The Dogon knew of constellations that we didn't 'discover' until many years later. How did they know about the Sirius star system? The Mayan culture received their information from Quetzalcoatl, whos was also known as Thoth. Did the Dogon receive their knowledge through shamanistic spiritual means or perhaps through extraterrestrial intervention? You decide for yourself!

Po Tolo, Sigi Tolo, and Emma Ya ToloDogon Cosmology, Sirius, and Hydrogen Astrophysics

There are some profound astrophysical truths contained in this summary of Dogon star science, a few of which have already been alluded to. Some of the most profound is the nature of the Sirius star system and its importance in establishing and maintaining celestial order for our solar system.

The Dogon actually say that there are three major stars in the Sirius system:

Po Tolo, Sigi Tolo, and Emma Ya Tolo.

Po Tolo (Sirius B) is the oldest of stars, and its name means 'deep beginning'. It is a twin of the Po - the Black hole at the center of the galaxy. The Dogon consider Po Tolo the reservoir and source of all things in this realm, and the germ of creation for our Solar System. They say it is the smallest, yet heaviest of celestial objects, and that it ejects it essence out into creation by its fast spinning. The particles of its essence are 'infinitely small'.

A breakdown of the key cosmological and astrophysical truths expressed in Dogon High Science is as follows:

· Amma is the Dogon name for Amen. Amma is described as the intelligent consciousness behind all of creation and the awareness within all beings. Amma is 'He Who Rests Upon Nothing'.

Po Tolo, Sigi Tolo, and Emma Ya Tolo· The Po is the Black Hole that is the core of our galaxy. The Po is 'The Egg of the World', the first principle of the seed. Po means seeds in the Dogon language. The Dogon describe the Po as the smallest thing in the world, alluding to the fact that the matter of a Black Hole is the densest, most compact form of matter in creation. They say that it is 'invisible, at the center'. It spins and scatters all particles of matter in a sonorous and luminous motion, yet remains inaudible and invisible. The Dogon say that Amma placed his word in the Po, thus making it the 'image of the creator' and 'the womb of Amma'.

· The Clavicles of Amma refer to the spiral nebula arms that define the shape of the galaxy. The clavicle is the 1st bone to appear in the skeletal system of developing embryos. It grows in a sickle-type arch very similar to the shape of the arms of our spiral galaxy.

· Po Tolo is 'The Star of the Deep Beginning'. This is what the Dogon call the Black dwarf Star that astronomers call Sirius B. Po Tolo is the 1st of all stars; it was born after the Po (galactic core) had finished its task. Po Tolo is seen as a double of the Po, meaning that Black stars such as Sirius B act very similar to Black Holes; it appears as if it has the same effect on space and time as Blacks Holes, only on a much lesser scale of manifestation. Po Tolo is the 'image of the womb of Amma' and is seen as a reservoir of source of renewing life force for this realm of creation (Po Tolo is the 2nd closest star system to our solar system; being only eight light years away). Po Tolo is also made of the smallest and heaviest of things, which the Dogon describe as a metal called Sagala. One pebble of Sagala would weigh several tons. Because Po Tolo is so massive it shapes and moulds the structure of space and time in our realm.

Sigi Tolo is the youngest star to come out of Amma's womb. This is the star astronomers refer to as Sirius A. Sigi Tolo is 'The Star of the Sacrificed Fish'. The Dogon say that Amma, in an effort to thwart the transgressions of a rebellious being named Ogo sacrificed the Celestial Fish Man Nommo Semi. Sigi Tolo is the star seed of Nommo Semi, which makes Sigi Tolo the celestial testament of the sacrificed fish. The Dogon say that the sacrificial blood of Sigi Tolo spills onto the womb of Amma, and is renewing, impregnating, and purifying this realm of creation.

Dogon Tribe: Legend of the Sirius Star SystemDogon cosmology and Kemetic sacred science are very similar in concepts and symbolism. In fact, Dogon cosmology appears to be the exact cosmology of the Kemetic priesthood at Annu (ancient Hermopolis). The Dogon know Ra as Amma, 'He Who Rests Upon Nothing'. The Universe is considered 'Amma's Egg'. Within his egg, Amma began spinning around, forming the po seed (the Black Hole at the Galactic Core). The po is 'the smallest [heaviest and densest] thing that was made invisible, at the center'.

Amma then placed seven 'words' in the po, which began to vibrate strongly within the seed. The spiraling vibrations caused four clavicles to grow forth from the po. In hue-mans, clavicles are the first bones to form in a hue-man embryo. They grow in the form of an exaggerated 'S'. The celestial clavicles that grow from the Po are the spiral nebulae arms that extend from the galactic core and define the shape of our spiral galaxy.

Suddenly, the Po burst forth, and eight new seeds were created. Amma planted these seeds in his egg near the clavicles of the Po. With these eight seeds, Amma intended to create eight celestial beings - four male and four female. The Dogon called these beings the Nommo Anagonno, best translated as 'The Word (Nommo) that Became the Fish-Man' (Anagonno). The Nommo are the first beings created by Amma, and they are amphibious celestial creatures. The Nommo correspond to the Kemetic Khem-Anu.

These eight beings were going to be Amma's perfect creation. As sister & brother yet husband & wife, the four fish-twins were going to make each other fertile, complete, and blessed with heavenly happiness and fulfillment. However, one of the male twins - Ogo (the Kemetic Set) - grew impatient as he waited for his female twin to gestate. Ogo decided to rebel from Amma. He jumped out of his celestial womb and stole parts of his own placenta. He then began creating and pro-creating with his own placenta in an attempt to re-create his own little world. His stolen placenta became impure, and his actions greatly threw off the divine order Amma had intended. The Dogon say that our Sun - whom they call Nay - is the stolen placenta, and that planet Earth is the rebel-world established by Ogo.


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