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DNA Recoding Experiment Yields Surprising Results! | in5d.com DNA Recoding Experiment Yields Surprising Results!

Last updated on July 19, 2012 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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A fellow in5d'er shares her DNA recoding results with us!

By Lori Ann Robinson

About a year ago, I stumbled on an article about recoding our DNA for the purpose of activating our body’s junk or inactive DNA. This process supposedly allows us to become more crystalline in preparation for the awakening process that will eventually lead to a 5th dimensional shift from our current 3rd dimensional existence. If you’ve found this site, then likely, you’ve already begun learning about 5d and the shifts that will soon be taking place, so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel by going through what 5d is.

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After reading about the recoding process, I did more research on it and the more I read, the more I became intrigued with it. According to everything I read, activating your “junk” DNA strands would allegedly hit the reset button on your body as well as help to elevate your vibrations in order to prepare you for the 5d shift. I love doing experiments so I decided that I had to give it a try. What could it hurt?

Dietary Changes

The first thing I did was work gradually to change my eating habits as the article I read suggested that you had to do this in order to harmonize your body with the changing vibrations of the earth. I understand that those in the “know” recommend a diet with very little or no meat, but I’m a die-hard carnivore and I wasn’t ready to take a full leap into veganism or vegetarianism. I’m still not. So rather than shock my system by doing that, I changed the way that I bought my meat. I stopped buying commercially raised beef from large conglomerate companies and worked hard looking for beef that was grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free. Sure, I paid a little more for it, but when you add up the cost of your co-pay for every doctor’s visit you have to make because the chemicals in the cheaper stuff have caused all manner of issues with your body, it balanced itself out. I also practiced saying a little blessing over the meat, thanking the animal for giving me food to nourish my body.

The next step I made was to stay away- FAR away, from anything on the middle or “eye-level” shelves in the grocery store. Those are foods that are geared toward people who aren't cognizant of what they're actually eating. They’re cheaper for a reason. They’re made with more chemicals and fillers than they are actual food and I wholly believe that if there is any conspiracy to depopulate the country or the earth, it’s right there on those shelves of your local grocery stores. I made a mental mantra whenever I went shopping that anything processed or that contained things such as “Yellow #5”, MSG or ingredients that I couldn’t correctly pronounce the first time I tried to read it, was a major ‘no-no’.

I also stopped buying bleached flour and sugar, going more for the buckwheat flour when possible and raw cane sugar. Bleach is for toilets and bathtubs, not for baking. Anything that had aspartame, nutra-sweet, or even said, “low-fat” or “sugar-free” was thrown out the door.

I watched my produce carefully too, trying whenever possible to buy from local produce stands or paying the extra money for organically grown fruits and vegetables in the grocery store. When I couldn’t get organic, I would soak whatever it was that I bought in clean water for a few hours, changing the water every so often. I don’t know if doing that actually helped to rid the veggies or fruit of pesticides, but in my mind, it did make me feel a little safer. Once I got all of the processed, artificial foods out of my house and out of my body, I began to feel better, physically and mentally.


The next step was in changing the way that I meditated. I’m pagan, so meditation is something I’ve been doing for a very long time, but in my past meditations, I practiced divination, or worked to manifest certain outcomes for certain situations. I stopped focusing on other things in my meditations and began to focus on myself. In the beginning, I used the meditation videos that are found here on in5d. I started with the Spinning Crop Circle Keycode Activation. It’s not for the faint of heart but it did give me the feeling of working with a blank slate afterward.

I did the Spinning Crop Circle meditation twice a week for about four weeks, before I progressed to using my own meditation that incorporated some solfeggio frequency music, a visualization of the Merkabah and my interpretation of what my DNA strands looked like.


As the Merkabah began to spin and pulse in my mind’s eye with the music I was listening to, I’d bring my DNA strands into the center of the rotating triangles. On each rotation, I would visualize one strand of “junk” DNA lighting up to match the already active ones. I would do this for twelve rotations, every night. At the end of the visualization, I would slow the Merkabah and spend a moment or two looking at or studying the DNA strand in its center. I watched as it pulsated and glowed with my life force. The entire mediation took about ten minutes total from building the initial visualization to manifesting it in total, to the end of the twelfth rotation and study process. I did this every night when I lay down to sleep. Sometimes I fell asleep before I could get to the end and when that happened, I’d get up in the morning and do it again.

Manifestations and Body Changes

After about a month of meditating, combined with the diet of cleaner, unprocessed food, I noticed a few changes beginning to manifest.

Here’s a synopsis of some of those changes:
• A degenerative, hereditary skin disorder disappeared
• My previously non-functioning sweat glands, began functioning
• My normally straight hair suddenly began to curl and now has a mix of waves and spirals through out it that no flat iron can remove.
• My brown eyes have lightened and have turned almost green in color with these odd brownish red flecks near the pupil that I’m not sure is the last of my previous brown color going away or the toxicity leaving my body.
• I no longer have to wear glasses for the astigmatism and near-sightedness that I was diagnosed with in 7th grade, well over 20 years ago. My nightblindness has also went away.

I would love to tell you that I have felt myself becoming more crystalline but I can’t say that I really have. I’m not really sure what crystalline feels like in the first place. I know that there are some days that I look down at my body and I’m surprised to see that I still have what most would consider to be a weight problem because I don’t feel the extra pounds on me anymore. My body feels good; it feels younger and better than it did when I was a teenager and supposedly in great shape, oddly.

My sleep patterns have also regulated suddenly in spite of the fact that I was diagnosed and have suffered with insomnia since my pubescent years. I’m still having periods of intense emotional releases that can get very tedious and trying, but all in all, my mentality and my spirituality have both improved drastically over the course of this recoding experiment so maybe there is something to it after all.

Maybe we do have the ability to undo the damage we’ve caused ourselves from years of abuse and neglect and if this is the case and we can do this just for ourselves, imagine what we could do for the world; for each other, in terms of healing the hate and the anger that run so rampant today. The possibilities are endless.

Recap to DNA Recoding

• Incorporate more raw and organic foods into your diet and keep your meat to organic, grass-fed, free range, antibiotic/hormone free products
• Wean yourself away from middle of the shelf processed foods in your grocery store
• Work on meditating on and visualizing your internal structure/ DNA. See it changing and see those inactive strands of DNA light up as they begin to function.
• Drink distilled waters to help decalcify the pineal gland and leach heavy metals and other toxins from your body

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About Lori: Lori is the author of Bimini, which is on sale at Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble. She is currently working on two other novels and is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the stories that take root in her mind and come to life on the screen with the readers.

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