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Channeling Negative Energies | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database Channeling Negative Entities

Last updated on October 11, 2012 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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One must question the integrity and intentions of any chennaled entity. As we have seen in the past, some make false promises, such as mass landings or promises of NESARA coming to fruition. While some channelers are simply embodying their own pure intentions, others may have been channeling into negative entities. The following article explains how this may occur.

by Brian Britt

In New Age philosophy there is the belief in the evolution of the mind and our experience with the universe and the possibilities of other intelligences within it. It is a belief that this evolution is in preparation of, or allows for interaction with these other intelligences.

One such intelligence is a group consciousness channeled by a woman in 1981 who addresses itself as “Ra”. This entity foretold the evolution of the mind of humanity in the form of unity by way of telepathic communication with others (known as 4th density) and this ability would become a real part of our reality in 2011.

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Many believe 4th density evolution primarily is a spiritual evolution and not necessarily one of advanced mental abilities such as telepathy or remote viewing.

I am here to attest to the fact that this prediction has come true.

In November 2011, I was contacted by a group of California scientists who have developed these abilities by channeling a group consciousness known as “An” – the negative incarnation of “Ra”. “An” implored them to seek out others who show a latent psychic ability and find a way to contact them to join their group.

I woke up one morning and these people were talking to me telepathically. At first I thought I was losing my mind, then I thought someone had wired the house for surveillance. No explanation was forthcoming but over time I realized that what seemed like true telepathy was a strange mix of modern psychic ability and extraordinary technology used to simulate sight, sound, and bodily psychic contact.

Slowly, over time, this group has shown signs of some sort of schism. Some of them have become increasingly irritable and prone to outburst of aggression and a need to hurt something or someone as in a state of temporary insanity or like something dark momentarily takes hold of them and they enact its rage. Because this group refuses to break mental contact with me (for fear they will not be able to reestablish contact), these enraged individuals can step into the group contact and are able to take their rage out on me, an easy target.

I can only believe this is a side effect of the technology used to enhance their psychic abilities or has the technology become an avenue of the unknown allowing various members of the group consciousness An to enter this reality?

Read what everyone is talking about on this subject and leave a comment on YouTube

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