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Can We Handle The UFO Disclosure? Can We Handle The UFO Disclosure?

Last updated on September 14, 2013 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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The Evidence

Ancient artifacts from all over the world show humanoid figures wearing what appear to be astronaut space suits. The Bible, Vedas and other sacred texts reference supernatural beings that came from the sky: they are called “angels”, “gods” and sometimes “creators”.

Massive pyramidal structures around the world (Egypt, Mexico, Europe, South America, China, Japan) are built along the same belt between 20° and 32° north latitude, all engineered and executed with remarkable precision and advanced knowledge of geometry, mathematics and astronomy. The same belt connects the BThe Bible, Vedas and other sacred texts reference supernatural beings that came from the sky: they are called “angels”, “gods” and sometimes “creators”.ermuda triangle, the Dragon's triangle and Mexico's Zone of Silence. The three pyramids of Giza are also a mirror image of the three stars on the Orion's Belt constellation.

Indigenous tribes like the Native American Hopi or the Dogon people of Africa point to the sky as the place of their origin - not metaphorical or spiritual origin, but as an exact location of the “parent” beings that brought the entire humanity into existence. These beings, referred to as ancient astronauts, are believed to have come to Earth thousands of years ago and seeded this planet with what we know as life. They are also expected to return soon.

Why Are We Denied The Truth?

The evidence abounds, our planet is in extremely poor shape and over 20 countries already disclosed their UFO files. The United States, on the other hand, has taken the position that can only be described as deliberate silence. Some files were disclosed in 2011 as a nod to the Freedom of Information Act, but the most fundamental facts about alien visitors are still being denied.

Every human has a right to know the truth, and then decide independently what to make of it. Yet those who wish to shed the light on the issue are often subjected to sharp criticism, public ridicule, censorship, Can We Handle The UFO Disclosure? | In5D.comintimidation, and even death. Why is it so important to keep it secret?

Some ufologists believe that at least part of the reason is that the US government doesn't trust the public to handle the news. And boy, are they right! Americans are an unpredictable bunch. We're stressed out, addicted, overworked, overspent, mentally unstable and armed to the teeth. We're still battling poverty, racism, illiteracy...We're still debating whether a woman should have a right to an abortion, or whether healthcare is a universal right or a privilege only the rich can afford. We have GMOs, harmful additives and artificial sweeteners in our food, fluoride in our water, methane in our air...Let's face it: we're not exactly ahead of the curve.

Or could it be that the American people are smarter, stronger, and more tolerant than we've been led to believe? All governments infantilize the people to some degree, so it's up to the people to start acting - and thinking - like adults.

The Mass Panic Scenario

Lets examine the claim that the American people can't handle the truth.

Imagine that sometime in the near future an alien race makes an open contact with earthlings or the US government makes some sort of global announcement of the UFO presence. What would happen next?

Clearly, the world will change in a flash. Everything we know about ourselves will be called into question, and there will be those who won't be able to cope with the new reality. But lets not think in hypothetical terms. Rather, ask yourself: What will my reaction be? What will I do? When the time comes, will I be ready? Will that change my worldview or will I deny it in the face of fact? Will I panic or will I be able to go on with my day without losing my mind? Will I even feel excited? Rejoiced? Hopeful? Vindicated?

You know the answers. Most people have if not a conviction, at least a Can We Handle The UFO Disclosure? | In5D.comsneaking suspicion that there is more to the story than water balloons or military tests or methodical pranksters making weird shapes out of crops. So where does the idea that the whole society will be shocked beyond recovery come from?

In 1938 Orson Welles's "Invasion from Mars" radio program caused an immediate panic among the listeners, and the convenient consensus was formed that the American people can’t handle the truth about the UFOs. It is still used as a standard hypothesis for public reaction to the UFO disclosure even though it contains an obvious cognitive distortion: the radio program was about an alien invasion, which would understandably be terrifying to many people. The UFO files disclosure is about alien presence on our planet, and should not, therefore, be the cause of mass panic. Mass turbulence perhaps, but the potential long-term benefits of the disclosure far outweigh the initial shock.

And even if some people do panic, is it the same as to say that all American people will panic? Or that our times are not drastically different from only 50 years ago? As the former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson wrote,

"It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows. The American people can handle the truth no matter how bizarre or mundane, and contrary to what you see in the movies."

The Evolution Of Consciousness

The fact is, human civilization is evolving.

It’s not always evident but we are becoming more tolerant and willing to accept differences rather than denounce them, becoming more spiritual without the need to belong to a particular religious tradition, becoming more cosmopolitan. The feminine virtues of acceptance, compassion and care are being re-discovered once again as the essential principles that sustain communities in the long run. Shouldn’t these evolving attitudes also apply to the issue of the ET reality?

They should and they do, but there is a disturbing trend in our society: whenever there is a possibility to make a real change to the status quo, it's eradicated with an argument that the American people can't handle it. Gay marriage? It's too progressive. Decriminalizing drugs? No thank you. Gun control? There will be riots in the Can We Handle The UFO Disclosure? | In5D.comstreets. Alternative energy? Our infrastructure can’t handle that. A woman President? We’re not there yet.

Aren't you sick of hearing this?

Aren't you fed up with being infantilized and patronized? Aren't you outraged that your voice is always drowned out for the sake of some pseudo public safety, some illusion of peace and prosperity in the anticipation of a make-believe mass panic?

The American people should be given more credit, even the religious ones, as the scientific data on the topic consistently confirms. The national polls show that about half of the US population believes that intelligent life exists on other planets, about a third believes in alien visitations and the majority (about 80 percent) believes that the government is concealing some information about the UFOs from the public.

In addition, a number of surveys that targeted religious groups attempted to determine whether people would lose their faith. The findings demonstrated that not only did religious people believe they’d keep their faith, they even said that the discovery of extraterrestrial life “would confirm God’s glory as the creator of the universe.”

After the Disclosure

UFO disclosure will start a whole new chapter in human history.

But people tend to resist any change. We seek stability - it's the function of the reptilian brain, the part that has to do with rigid programmed responses like instincts or habits. For those who'd rather not rock the boat the question to contemplate on is: what is the world you are clinging to?

Take a good look at that world. Take a look at the devastation we have inflicted on our planet and ourselves. It’s amazing that we’ve even made it this far.

Almost any area of human activity is plagued with lies, oppression and inequality. Millions die from starvation and simple, curable diseases are suppressed while select few control the resource distribution to perpetuate the status quo and maintain enormous profits, even at the cost of an ecological catastrophe that will make this planet unlivable.

The problem is, the evolution of consciousness is fairly useless if there is no air to breathe.

Learning about our place in the cosmos, possibly our origins and our true potential will end the primitive out-of-control human civilization as we know it. Just imagine what we could be if our lives were not run by the financial institutions we've created.

Imagine free energy for everyone – something that advanced intergalactic races have surely accomplished? Or being able to cure “incurable” diseases like cancer or AIDS? Imagine, say, 50 years without wars, poverty, genocide?

What if, instead of trying to survive the best we can, people were able to realize their full potential as species?

This is what a relationship with a cosmic community can give us: a new era of peace and prosperity, the world without incurable diseases, the air without pollution, the food without chemicals, the freedom to evolve spiritually, and true brotherhood of all races and creeds, because after all, we are ONE human race. Whatever the appearances, we still have a lot more commonalities than differences. And whatever the challenges, we will not be alone. Not anymore.

P.S. To learn more on what happens after the government discloses the truth about alien contact, see “A.D. After Disclosure – The People’s Guide to Life After Contact”, a momentous book that can be described as an informed speculation on what to expect when Disclosure actually occurs and how to prepare for it.

About the Author

Eden Shetiyah is a freelance writer and editor from San Diego, California. Eden specializes in UFO-related topics and spiritual psychology. She is also interested in metaphysics, Goddess spirituality, death and NDE, mystical or religious experiences, shamanic studies, ancient civilizations, alchemy and magic, healing and alternative cultural narratives. Eden is a published author of short stories and a contributor to a number of online publications.

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