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Last updated on April 14, 2014
Posted on April 18, 2009 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the 3rd dimension and how thoughts can become instant manifestations?

This planet has so far existed in the 3rd dimension, or 3rd density. "Dimension" is not necessarily used as equivalent to spatial dimensions here, but more as a frequency band, or level of reality.

3rd dimension is very physically oriented. The higher dimensions get less physical and more etheric.

4th dimension is still physical, but much more fluid than 3rd dimension. 5th dimension is non-physical.

One of the best explanations I have heard of the difference between them goes like this:

In the 3rd dimension

...the way you get something to happen is like this:

Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Effort -> Manifestation

That is, from a theta or spirit level one needs to intend for something to be in a certain way. One needs to somehow form the thought of it, or visualize what exactly is needed. Then one needs to feel the need for it, and the willingness to work at it. Then one needs to actually produce the physical effort needed to produce it. Then finally one gets the manifestation of one's desire.

In the 4th dimension

we cut away one of the steps. It now goes like this:

Beyond the 3rd Dimension | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseSpirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Manifestation

That means that the actual physical effort spent is no longer what is important. As soon as one really feels and expects something one can have it.

in5d comment: This is exactly what "The Secret" teaches us! The problem many people have with "The Secret" is they give up too quickly and/or don't put enough emotion and visualization into the process!

As far as I can observe and understand this planet and most people on it have already entered the frequency spectrum of the 4th dimension. Things no longer have to take a lot of time and effort. It is how you feel and what you expect that will determine the outcome. If you have fear you will quickly get something to be fearful of. If you are excited you quickly get something to be excited about. As part of that, linear time is breaking up. Time spent becomes much less of an issue in getting a certain result. The world is shaped by feelings and expectations more than by physical efforts. As part of that, everybody's emotional issues come up to be processed. People who before succeeded in living secure, stable, superficial lives find that suddenly everything they swept under the carpet creeps up. Their fears suddenly materialize and they have to deal with them.

Now, in the 5th dimension

it would work like this:

Spirit -> Thought -> Manifestation

That means, you think it, you get it. That is when thought postulates will actually work. In the 4th dimension postulates only work when you believe in them, and get in the mood for what they are about. In the 3rd dimension postulates only work if you act accordingly. But in the 5th dimension all you need to do is form the thought and you are there. Of course, people on this planet are now not ready for anything like that. Everybody would be walking around creating disasters if the mere thought of something made it real. But, if everybody had handled their case, had become complete people, actually in agreement with themselves, then it would be possible.

Beyond the 3rd Dimension | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

The 6th dimension

would be like this:

Spirit -> Manifestation

That is, no need for thinking, no need for deciding what needs to be done. You just produce what is needed.

And I suppose the 7th dimension

would be:


That is, pure beingness without any need for separation.

The target date for shifting the whole planet into the 5th dimension seems to be around 2012 or so. But not as a sudden thing, the frequency would be increased gradually up until that point.

Going further than that would be optional. The 5th dimensional shift is not, although each individual can choose to play the game or not. Most people who are here have very specifically chosen to be part of this game.

Beyond the 3rd Dimension | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

Now, none of this would happen automatically. Big off-planet forces are helping along the overall frequency increase of the planet. However, only each individual can do the actual processing needed to stay ahead of it.

It is kind of like somebody is making the ground more and more hotter. If you stand still you will burn your feet. So, you better start dancing.

What will happen is that the people who resist the acceleration are going to go nuts. If they try to hold on frantically to their old ways the universe will make life more and more unbearable. Their hidden fears will come out and bite them in the nose, and if they keep noticing their own causativeness it will get worse. The end result would be to go insane and be totally unable to keep up with the environment.

So, anybody who just sits around and waits will pretty quickly be in hell. The only way of surviving is to process one's own stuff, move forward, become a more complete person, and reclaim one's own power.

Beyond the 3rd Dimension | In5D.comOnly an OT will be able to exist in a 5th dimensional reality. That doesn't mean that somebody will come along from space and make everybody OT. No, it means that if you don't make yourself OT pretty darn quickly you will be in dire trouble. It is a matter of necessity level.

Based on that necessity level large numbers of people are now going up some kind of bridge. That is, they are moving ahead in their personal development. Mostly people do that by dealing with what comes up in their lives. But also many more people are on the lookout for methods and bodies of knowledge that will help them keep ahead in the game.

Clearing fits in very nicely there. About 7 billion people will need to process their cases to completion within the near future. It is not just a good idea, they will HAVE to. With what we know we can make it a much more smooth ride. Instead of just having life throw things in your face we can clear them more systematically, even before they become a problem in life.

However, the role of Clearing has changed. It is no longer very useful as an authoritative subject that comes along to motivate people to follow a path and to give them all the steps. People are already motivated now and are moving even without clearing. What Clearing is more useful for is as a tool for a consultant that helps people follow their path more smoothly.


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